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Campfire grill grates is the grate constructed with stainless steel and cast iron material. This grate is used on the open fire. If camping and travelling is your hobby, you spent your vacation in the mountains, and you do not want to take a portable grill with you. You may have limited space in your vehicle to place large size grill. Then you decide to buy a campfire grill.

This grill grate can be placed in a car easily and can be carried easily while travelling. This grill is specially used to make steaks. It may become difficult to buy the best performing best campfire grill grate. We are providing you with a list of good quality grill grate with features and pros and cons.

Top 9 Best Campfire Grill Grate in 2022

#1. Stromberg Carlson GR-1522 Stake and Grille

Stromberg Carlson GR-1522 Stake and Grille


This stake and grill size is 15 inches wide and 22 inches long with 36 inches of long stake. These items are packed in a heavy duty nylon bag to protect it from dust. 

The lock handle can be slide down and upsides to adjust the heat on the fire. You can rotate the grate from the fire to place more food or take away the cooked food. You can enjoy the grilled food conveniently with the use of this grill grate.

  • A very large size grill grate can make multiple foods at once
  • The sturdy metal of cast iron to hold the pot of coffee or pan
  • The cleaning of the grate is easy
  • Super easy to slide the grate up and down
  • It can be easily carried for picnics
  • Everything from steaks corn to burgers vegetables can be cooked on it
  • This grate can carry a lot of weight
  • It can be stored in the bag easily
  • It is easy to clean and maintain the grate
  • It is not able to hold the weight of large pots and pans
  • The handle is made up of cheap material and heats up during cooking

Helpful tips

Hammer the stake into the ground at least 6 inches then it will work perfectly Wear the gloves to protect your hands from heat Place a piece of wood between the stake and hammer. This will protect the stake from denting up.

#2. Gravity Grill Open fire Camping Grill

Gravity Grill Open fire Camping Grill


The game maker camping grill makes picnics and camping more enjoyable. This campfire grill grate can be easily carried from one place to another. No special tools are required to set it up. The grill can easily set with a lift and set process.

The grill can be used on high temperature on turkey burners or fire from wood charcoal and propane. You can use this gravity grill to make bacon and sausage burgers and many more. 

The dimensions of the pool are 36.75 inches tall and 1.125 in diameter. The grill dimensions 18.5inches *16.375inches.the grill and skillet has a cooking area of 300 sq inches.

  • Grilling can be done on fire created by wood charcoal, and propane
  • Easy to install
  • You can place any type of pot on the grill
  • The skillet can be used to make breakfast and the grill for burgers and chicken
  • It can be easily adjusted to control the heat 
  • Sturdy grill easy to set in few minutes
  • You can carry it for travelling and camping
  • You just need a hammer to fix the stake into the ground
  • Best product for open pit cooking
  • Large cooking area to make 12 hot dogs at a time
  • The paint melted off after using it a few times
  • Cheap material of grill
  • Complaints about the missing parts inbox

#3. Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger

Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger


Want to enjoy grilling on an open fire with friends! Make your winter nights memorable with friends by telling stories in the lantern light. The diameter of the grill grate is 17 inches. The grate hangs over the fire and adjusts the height of the grate with the amount of heat. 

The lightweight lantern hanger can be transferred easily. When the grilling is finished, then it can be packed away easily. When cooking has finished, then you can hang the lantern on a tripod to keep the campsite light up.

  • The legs are made up of steel material
  • You can set the height of the grill by seeing the height of the fire
  • The 17 inches diameter grate
  • The legs can be broken down easily for storage
  • The lantern light can be hanged to use as campsite light
  • The chain attachments above the tripod are easy to attach or detach
  • Easy assembly
  • In a small space, legs can be folded and locked
  • It is perfect to grill burgers, steaks, and fish
  • Grate height is adjustable
  • The lantern light can be hanged on a tripod
  • The black metal inside the tripod legs started to melt off due to heat
  • You cannot place heavy items or pot on it
  • Hard to move the grate once in place
  • Low quality material used in construction

#4. AmazonBasics Portable Outdoor Folding Campfire Grill

AmazonBasics Portable Outdoor Folding Campfire Grill


Be ready to enjoy a party with this heavy cast campfire grill! The strong heavy duty grill can be used to enjoy outdoor gatherings with friends. The grill top is made up of high quality of steel mesh up. The grill can be placed on an open fire to enjoy delicious meals.

The mesh steel top allows the heat to pass from it. The diamond shape network of steel allows us to place a kettle and pan to make tea and soup. The campfire grill has two-sided legs that can flare out at an angle for balancing position. When the grilling is finished, then fold the legs for easy transport or storage.

The high quality of welded steel gives excellent performance and retains heat inefficient way. The campfire grilling area is large enough to make multiple dishes at a time. You can make bacon coffee pancakes and bacon. Everyone will enjoy the flavorful meals cooked on this grill.

  • Best grill to cook on an open fire
  • The network of steels layers on the grill top
  • It is not for direct grilling for use indirect grilling
  • Legs can be folded for storage
  • 1-year warranty given by amazon basics limited
  • You can make multiple foods at a time
  • It holds the heat very well
  • Sturdy grill
  • Great for open fire grilling
  • Easy to portable and easy to store
  • The grill has sharp edges
  • One of the customers said that after a few uses, the metal started to disfigure and slightly bent

#5. Texsport Heavy Duty over Fire Camp Grill

Texsport Heavy Duty over Fire Camp Grill


The export’s heavy duty over campfire grill is constructed with high grade steel. The grill top frame is sturdy and durable, which retains heat in a proper way. The outdoor cooking with friends on an open fire is possible through this grill.

This grill is available in medium (16 * 12inches), large (24*18 inches), and extra large (36 * 18) sizes. You can buy the grill that best fits your need. The legs of the grill open in an outward direction to keep balance on an uneven surface. Once you have completed the grilling, then you can fold the legs for storage. You can place any of cookware on its hard welded steel surface.

  • Best fits your outdoor needs
  • High quality steel frame
  • Foldable legs for easy storage 
  • The size 16-by-12 inches is the perfect size for medium serving
  • You can make multiple foods on this grill at a time
  • You can place your large cast iron pots on the grill
  • The compact and durable grill
  • Folded legs to transport it easily 
  • The paint burning or melting off after few times of uses

#6. Texsport Heavy Duty Adjustable Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill and Spit

Texsport Heavy Duty Adjustable Outdoor Camping Rotisserie Grill


Enjoy with friends and family with the durable high quality grill of texsport. You can make barbeque chicken fish and many more with this campfire grill. There is no requirement of tools and accessory to set this grill. You just need to set the height of the rotisserie.

The stainless steel rotisserie turns and can be stopped at four cooking spots. You can hang a pot of bens on fire by using one of the twin steel arms. The export rotisserie grill weighs 16.5 lbs.

  • It is easy to set up
  • No special tools are needed to set it
  • The rotisserie has 4 steps to adjust the height of the grill over the fire
  • Constructed with High quality stainless steel  
  • Versatile grill
  • A sturdy grate can hold cast iron pots and pans
  • It is difficult to adjust the height during cooking
  • The cheap quality material used to form legs

#7. Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop Up Pit Portable Grilling Grates

Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop Up Pit Portable Grilling Grates


The grilling area of 500 sq inches is large enough to make 24 burgers at a time. The folding design of the grill helps to pack it in small size

You can enjoy the barbeque on fire of charcoal. The bag of grill grate is marine grade vinyl and has a large front opening. You can easily put the grill into that bag and carry it easily for camping and hiking.

The 4mm grade of stainless steel bars is combined to form the grilling grate. The open design feature allows us to place pots to make coffee and pans to cook easily. The grate is designed in such a way that more airflows heat your grill to cook the meat perfectly, and the cold spots will be minimized.

  • Large cooking area to serve many family and friends at a time
  • The grate can be placed on charcoal fire
  • It is easy to pack the grill by folding legs
  • More heat will pass from open design grate
  • Good quality of stainless steel is used
  • You can place pots or any iron cast fry pan on the grate
  • Great airflow to keep the fire burning well
  • After cooking, it cools down quickly for easy assembly
  • It is easy to set up
  • Lightweight product helps to make travel easy
  • Sturdy grates
  • It is difficult to clean this heavy grill

#8. Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel Grill Home Good

Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel Grill Home Good


Use this to make the barbeque memorable with friends and family at the beach and a park. The heavy duty metal wires are welded to form the grate of the grill.

The grilling surface size is* and 28 inches of stake. The height of the grill grate can be adjusted up to 17 inches from the fire. You can adjust the heat level by moving the grate. It can move at 360 degrees to save you from heat and flames of fire. 

You can make hamburgers and hot dogs and fish on this grill. Do not forget to grease the grill with oil before cooking because the oil will prevent the food from sticking. The iron cast pans and pots can be placed on the grate to make soup or coffee.

  • Can rotate 360 degrees to save you from fire
  • The height of the grate can be adjusted up to 17 inches from the fire
  • High quality metal is durable and rust resistant
  • The grill is easily portable
  • This grill best works on the charcoal fire
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry for picnics and to travel
  • The grilling area is large to make multiple foods at a time
  • You can set the grate at a low and high level
  • You can make bacon, eggs, sausages, and steaks easily
  • The solid metal grate retains heat properly
  • The complaint from most customers are Black coated paint started to peel off 

#9. The Perfect CampfireGrill, Pioneer, 18-Inch Diameter

The Perfect CampfireGrill, Pioneer, 18-Inch Diameter


This campfire grill has all the qualities for your entire campfire cooking over an open fire. This grill has a grate with 18 inches diameter. The grill can be fixed on the pool with the desired heat level on fire.

The grill can be adjusted at any level by seeing the amount of heat. You just need to fix the 36 inches pool into the ground. The pole has two pieces that join together. The grate has boundaries on its four sides to prevents the food from falling off.

The grill grate can rotate at 360 degrees. The high cast steel is used to construct the grate, and the grate is rust-resistant and retains the heat in a better way. The grilling area is enough to cook for 5-6 people.

  • 18-inch diameter of the grate
  • The grate can be adjusted with heat levels
  • The pool of 36 inches height
  • The grill rotates 360 degrees
  • The grate is made up of solid steel
  • The grill grate is easy to clean
  • Boundaries on all sides of the grate
  • This includes a travel tote bag, glove, hot pad, and pole round shape grill L-shape screw two wrenches
  • The sturdy stainless grill is easy to clean
  • The grill grate can set at low or high height
  • The grill grate is enough to cook for six servings at a time
  • The raised edges save the food from dropping
  • The grill grate is able to hold the weight of cast iron pan with other food on it
  • Customer complains that after the first time using the grill grate becomes uneven and wavy

Best Campfire Grill Grates2

Advantages of Using Campfire Grill Grates

  • No one can deny the taste of food which is cooked on the open wood fire.
  • The campfire grills are small in size and can be assembled easily
  • You can cook food at every place during travelling
  • No special tools are required to set the grill
  • The cleaning is super easy
  • Adjustable height with the support of pool or stake
  • Some grills have boundaries on grate prevents food from falling
  • Can be packed in a small size bag for easy travel
  • Can rotate at 360 degrees save your finger from burning

Types of Campfire grill Grates

Various models of best campfire grill grates are available in the market. We are giving you information about these types so you can buy the grill easily.

Flat Campfire Grill Grate

As the name indicates, this campfire grill has a flat surface grate. This is the simple design of grill for making delicious barbeque. It is easy to portable due to its simple design and lightweight.

Tripod campfire grill Grate

In a tripod campfire grill, three metal legs are combined with chains in the centre, and you hang a grate on the flame. The best example of a campfire grill is Coleman Tripod Grill and Lantern Hanger. When you have finished the cooking, then lantern light can be hanged to light up the campsite. This is the best grill to enjoy picnics with friends.

Swivel campfire grill Grate

The grill Texsport Heavy-Duty Swivel Grill Home Good is an example of a swivel grill. This grill can rotate 360 degrees and prevents your hand from burning. The height of this grill can be adjusted with the help of a stake.

You cannot use the large cast iron pots on this grill because the grate is supported with only a single pool or stake. The pool may bend due to the weight of the pot and pan. 


The campfire grills material increases the life of the grill. The grill grate may have a mesh of steel wire or flat surface or swivel.

If the grill grate is made up of stainless steel or iron and porcelain enamelled coated iron grate, it will be rust resistant and retain the heat properly.

The campfire grill material should be solid and hard so that you can place the pots to make coffee or pans to make vegetables.


The lightweight campfire grill with maximum features is preferred. the people will like to purchase the grill which can be carried easily during travel

For easy travel, some campfire grills can be packed into a small size bag. the Perfect Campfire Grill, Pioneer, 18-Inch Diameter small size grill for easy portability

Adjustable height

Some grill grates height can be adjusted on fire. You can set the position of the grate on the amount of heat. These grills come with a pool or stake. This pool will be fixed into the ground. 

You can set the grate at a low or high heat level with the help of this stake or pool.


The price of campfire grill differs for material design and features. the flat surface grill can be purchased for price about $50.theswivel and tripod grill available in the market from $50-$100

The grill with a higher price will give maximum features. However, buy the durable grill at fewer prices with more features. 

Questions and Answers(FAQs)

How to grill on fire pit?

The fire pits of wood or charcoal can be used as a barbeque pit. There is a need to place a grill grate either flat or swivel grill grate. you can make any delicious food by using fir pit

Is it safe to grill on rusted grates?

It is not good to cook on a grate with more rust because the rust may stick to food. If there is minor rust on the surface, you can clean it and use it to make barbeque. If you eat the food cooked on the rusted surface, it may harm the health.

What type of foods can you grill over a campfire?

You can make multiple foods such as hot dogs, bread, bacon and fruits, kebabs, grilled cheese and patties, burgers, sauces, vegetables, and coffee.


By analyzing all grills with features and pros and cons. buy the best grill according to your needs. We can suggest the Texsport Heavy Duty over Fire Camp Grill. This is the grill available in three sizes. Chooses the size by seeing your number of servings. The grill can be folded and easily portable. This is the most durable grill made with high quality welded steel. Try to choose the best campfire grill that is long-lasting and serve you in the best way. 

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