Top 3 Best Pigtail Food Flipper in 2022 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Top 3 Best Pigtail Food Flipper

If you are worried about how to lift the meat safely from the grilling area, then best pigtail food flipper is a solution to all your worries it is used to lift turn, and flip the pieces of meat vegetables and steaks, and many more. The pigtail flipper has two parts one part consists of a large wooden handle, and the other part has a sharp curved edge like a needle. This sharp part is used to lift the meat easily.

The pigtail is made up of high-quality stainless steel to increase the durability of the tool. When you use a spatula and fork to turn the meat, then the meat pieces may damage and may fall on the ground, but with the use of pigtail, you can lift and turn the food with more safety.

Its wooden handle prevents your hands from heat. There will be no hole in the place where you will insert the pigtail, and there will be no loss of smoky flavour from food. The food will remain delicious. Below is the list of best pigtails with features.

Top 3 Best Pigtail Food Flipper

#1. Jaccard 12” PigTail Food Flipper, Blister Pack

Jaccard 12” PigTail Food Flipper


The pigtail tool makes the cooking and grilling process easily and quickly. This will help to move the meat from warm to a hot place in the grilling area and to turn the sides of steaks and chicken and slices of bacon.

This pigtail is also constructed with stainless steel which can be used to lift the large pieces of food. The edge of the flipper is slightly curled so that it can hold the meat strongly. With the use of this flipper, there will be no mark on the piece of meat.

You do not need to carry multiple grilling tools like spatula forks the pigtail is enough to fulfill all your needs.

  • It can be used for chicken steaks 
  • It is easy to be used
  • It has curl edge on the shaft and a wooden handle
  • The size of this flipper is 12.”
  • It can be used for outdoors and indoors
  • The cleaning of this tool is easy
  • The sharp edge has the plastic cover to save your hands
  • The solid material of stainless steel
  • Use it in grill in a pan or for handling meat at any grilling surface
  • Can be stored in the drawer
  • Complaints about the handle which is made up of cheap plastic

#2. PEPKICN 18 Inches Food Flipper – Stainless Steel

PEPKICN 18 Inches Food Flipper


If you are tired of using the tools like tongs spatula for meat, then you need to use pepkicn 18 inches food flipper. The length of this tool is 18 inches which are the perfect length to use it for any grill smoker

The tool is made with stainless steel of high quality you can lift the large pieces of chicken and meat strongly with this pigtail and lift the food without dropping on the ground.

You need to insert the sharp curved edge in the piece of meat then move then your hand in one motion. You will be able to lift and grab the piece without leaving any mark. The meat will retain the smoky juices.

The wooden handle to protect your hands from heat and the leather string to hang it easily in the kitchen cupboard or on any side of the grill.

  • 18” length is perfect to use it for any grilling surface
  • Stainless steel metal for durability
  • Curved edge 
  • Wooden handles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • You can use it for turning ribs roasts fish vegetables
  • Turn the meat easily by keeping your hands at a distance from heat
  • Sturdy and sharp flipper
  • Very durable and works perfectly
  • Handle may spin 

#3. Pig Tail Food Flipper Box Set

Pig Tail Food Flipper Box Set


The pigtail food flipper gives you the freedom to turn move food easily and quickly. You can save your hands from heat the grilling will be more enjoyable and fun with the use to pigtail.

The hand is made up of wood and the shaft with stainless steel. These tools are strong can be used to lift the large piece of chicken or turn the kebabs and move the patties to plates quickly.

This pigtail can be cleaned easily can be saved in a box for a long time. The two sizes of pigtail one are for 12 inches can be used for the close distance you can use it in the frying pan for frying meat. The other pigtail for 18 inches size can be used for large grilling surfaces. The leather string on the handle helps to hang it easily.

  • Two sizes 12 inches and 18 inches
  • Wooden box for convenient storage
  • The stainless steel shaft is strong and durable
  • Lift the meat without leaving any mark
  • Wooden box to store it safely
  • Less movement of wrist with this pigtail
  • Quickly turn the pieces of meat
  • It takes less space on the shelf in the kitchen
  • The sharp edge of the right size to grab the meat
  • You can use it in the kitchen or for grilling and tailgating
  • Wooden box to store it in proper shape 
  • Some customers receive the tools with plastic handles instead of wood
  • Great works with ribs but not works well for boneless meat

What is Pigtail Food Flipper?

If you have a goal to turn your outdoor cooking experience into a place of safety fun and conveniences then to accomplish this goal, pigtail food flippers are designed and manufactured.

The original BBQ flipper is designed from the highest quality material, and it is built usually for two purposes.

One is Performance, and the other is Durability. It is a long rod made up of stainless steel, which ends in a sharp and pointed end. Many times when you want the little contact possible with your food while turning it or moving it on the grill or from grill to the platter, pigtail food flippers are the best option you will realize how fun and useful it is.


Best Pigtail Food Flipper is Significant for the Grill, oven, broiler, smoker, and is meant for multipurpose, i.e. for turning, flipping, and carrying and piercing of food (from vegetable to meat), rapidly and carefully.

About This Tool

This grill tool is incredibly Versatile to help you to manage large parties on your barbecue or smoker. It handles Comfortably fits in your palm. Easy to clean 100% dishwasher safe for cleanup. Due to its sharp tip, you can use the pigtail flipper to dip your food into a better or in a paste that you want to coat to make food delicious.

Pigtail food flipper also has another useful aspect of cleaning off your grill due to its curved tip. It is strong enough it won’t damage. Pigtail food flippers work great on the BBQ. Well Constructed. If you purchase it for once keep it with care, then it will last for a lifetime. It will keep your hands clean when you are using it.

Easy to turn food without carrying two high prongs into it. Pigtail flippers offer a secure grip on the meat. It Reduces damage to food. It doesn’t destroy the appearance of your meat and juice loss is minimal.


When you are searching the market to buy the pigtail, then you should check the features and price of the product. Compare the price and feature with your need and budget if the product serves you more at a reasonable price then buy it. The pigtail with strong material can be used for many years. We can recommend the PEPKICN 18 Inches, Food Flipper as the best pigtail. This pigtail is built with high-grade stainless steel metal and the perfect size for easy turn, lift, and flip of meat.

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