Best Raclette Grill in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Top Racelette Grill

Do you have a wish for delicious raclette grill food with cheese for your family and friends for a party and many other occasions? Raclette not only saves your time, but it also saves your money, and it is much better than your old fashioned cooking styled. So change your cooker with this unique grill style. This is the best hospitality experience of my life.

Imagine sitting among your guests and family while everyone socializes as they cook their food. That is raclette. It provides elegant traditions to any table. Grills can radiate heat perfectly, which makes all foods delicious and healthy.

Top 10 Best Raclette Grill in 2021 

#1. Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette With Cast Aluminum Grill 

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This is the best for the tabletop party, and your guest easily controls temperature and makes their food. It’s a burner not complicated to use. It provides you with eight non-stick dishes. It’s handled that stay cool to the touch and eight heat resistant spatulas you can melt the cheese under the dishes. This treats you to up to 1200 Watts of power. It is easy to clean. Reversible and interchangeable dual-functional grill with non-stick coating surface grill and granite hot stone plate on the other side. The reversible means you can reverse it to make it convenient in usage. Include a recipe book. It has a long wire with polarized three-prong plugs and an adjustable temperature controller.

  • Anthracite enameled steel base
  • Reversible cast iron grill
  • Variable heat control
  • Full range of accessories  available
  • Versatile usage
  • Includes a recipe booklet with full of delicious food recipes
  • Eight heat resistant spatulas
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It has a three-prong plug
  • Eight raclette dishes with non-stick coating
  • Another side of granite stone
  • A long wire comes with this unit
  • The unit is solid.
  • Interchangeable with granite grill stone or cast iron grill plate – sold separately  
  • Non-stick Raclette dishes have handles that stay cool to the touch 
  • Perfect for dinner parties
  • Easily used 2 to 4 times in a week
  • Easy to carry in vehicle and tabletop
  • Impressive design grill
  • Easy to assemble
  • Variable heat control button
  • Very simple to set up
  • It heats up quickly and cooks the food
  • It’s burner not complicated to start
  • Also great for camping
  • It has a removable grill plate
  • Instruction booklet with recipes
  • According to cheese lovers
  • Its flat top would be not flat
  • It’s top not coated and feel like a plastic layer on the top
  • Too smaller for 8 people
  • May require seasoning before use
  • The crepe batter ran out of the moulds
  • It has no cover
  • Granite top doesn’t heat as high
  • Groove along edge catches juices
  • Top stains quickly

#2. Swissmar Stelvio 8 Person Stainless Steel Raclette With Granite Stone Top

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This is a beautiful granite stainless-steel grill. Awesome for grilling and easy to clean. It easily gets a temperature controller on the side. It increases your personality. You can also cook veggies, chicken, eggs. Crepe and which things do you like. This seems very beautiful on your tabletop because it’s granite stone looks shiny and elegant. This cord is too short, so order a grounded extension cord if you don’t have one. The stone cracked after only two months, and I was very careful with it. Very convenient is top granite stone for grilling meat, fish, chicken, or vegetables. This worked out well. The stone is really pretty. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen the whole time. This is a great thing to have if you want to have people over or are going to someone’s house for a party.

  • The grill comes with the eight plastic scrapers which you can use in the pans.
  • Available with large size of granite stone top.
  • It has a temperature control button on his side.
  • It’s a body made with stainless steel.
  • Granite stone is only one inch thick.
  • The Stone surface is maybe eleven/ twelve inches wide.
  • Easy to clean with a little soaking in hot water and dish soap
  • It heats up well in a short period
  • No need to put it in the oven first to preheat.
  • The cord is too short and low quality.
  • The stone doesn’t heat up fast, but first time heat up in(20mins)
  • The groove at the edge catches the juices well.
  • Granite easily removes from the top just by lift
  • Made with natural materials
  • Granite stone tops are excellent for cooking
  • It is perfect for four people
  • Great way to have dinner with a group
  • The granite is the biggest challenge to clean but with a nylon brush or a scotch bright, you will have no problem
  • Its body is made with stainless which is non-scratchable
  • Cheese can be cooked very well
  • The surface took time to heat up
  • The stone gets pretty warm but doesn’t get too hot
  • It’s a body of steel and gets too hot in a few minutes
  • The scrapers have damaged the coating of dishes
  • There is no on/ off button
  • The stone is not thick

#3. Artesia Electric Raclette Grill With High-Density Granite Grill Stone

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I’m pulling a point for that. When I placed the raclette machine at the top of my table, it burned my table, so I put this on the floor. Be sure to put a thing under the grill when you can use it on the wooden table. It has no real wood sides but still looks like wood and does not feel cheap at all. Make sure you do not use a fork on the non-stick lower trays, so they get scratched. It worked like a dream.

  • It has an on/ off button
  • It has eight spatulas and dishes
  • The rotate temperature control knob on the side
  • It will cook faster than you imagine 
  • Extremely good to melt the cheese
  • It was easy to set up
  • The little pan moved around easily
  • Warm-up time is reasonable
  • It was easy to get started
  • The accents on the grill look like wood but they are not original wood
  • Its body is non-flammable
  • It is lightweight
  • This little pan is saved in a dishwasher
  • A little smart but good quality
  • Works well with a variety of items
  • It is functional and attractive
  • You can use it indoors without triggering the smoke detector
  • The upper stone takes a couple of more minutes to get hot but once hot it stays hot
  • This is nicely designed and easy to clean
  • The heat can be controlled so you will not overcook or burn your food
  • Not real wood because real wood is not fireproof
  • Electric sparks are a very dangerous problem
  • Need little patience to warm it up
  • It Looks like a toy. It’s not quality
  • It has fake wood
  • The surface area too small for eight people

#4. Swissmar Matterhorn 8 Persons Raclette With Cast Aluminum Grill Top

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This is a very durable raclette grill. It serves a party of up to eight persons. They cooked food properly. It can clean easily and heat very fast that you can cook your favorite food on your favorite grill. You can use the top of the grill for meat, veggies, seafood, and more. On the lower side of the grill also used to melt the cheese. Everything was cooked to perfection, and without any smoke or burns.

  • One side is a smooth surface and the other side is “grill” grooves and it is reversible.
  • It has a unique oval shape designed
  • You can be cooked various foods at the same time as it
  • This unit comes with eight spatulas and cooking pans.
  • Compact the designed of this grill for small surface table
  • Save to use in dishwasher
  • The temperature control placed under the handle
  • It is quickly too hot
  • The clean-up system was very easy. That you can throw the grill and trays into the dishwasher when you are done
  • The Unit works very well with heat control.
  • The oval-shaped looks nice and it was cooked food properly
  • It has a power full aluminum grill top
  • This is the premium BBQ grill
  • It is a budget-friendly price
  • You can make an interesting meal with this
  • This does not have any bad smell
  • It does not come with a recipe book
  • It is not cast iron
  • The cooking spatulas handle is made with cheap plastic. Which melted when first used
  • Super cheap, super light, and a low standard coil heating system
  • The temperature control awkwardly placed under the handle
  • This takes extra time too hot
  • This is not used for a large number of people

#5. Artesia Electric Raclette Grill Tabletop BBQ, Two Large Non-stick Grilling Plates

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This is the best for your parties. You can cook on cast Aluminum or high-density granite stone. It can be served for a large family. It has good temperature control and easily cooked food according to the right temperature. It preheats a maximum of twenty minutes, and it makes good and healthy food for you and your family. It cooked food properly. Reversible non-stick grilling surface + granite stone. Eight spatulas and dishes with a holder. Easy to clean both sides of the grill. This is the best gift for your friends and relatives.

  • The set includes one side reversible cast Aluminum grill plate and another side high-density granite grill.
  • It has adjustable heat control with a light indicator, so you can check if your grill is on or off.
  • Eight raclette dishes with holders
  • It has eight spatulas.
  • 1450 Watts temperature
  • The plates heat up quickly and evenly 
  • That provides great power to grill your food
  • Dish holder, spatulas and grills save from dishwasher
  • It heats up quickly and cooks the food 
  • When you purchase this, you will get recipes book
  • If you used non stick cooking spray before use, it may let off a little smoke, but that goes away quickly.
  • It has adjustable heat control with light indicator
  • The Aluminum plates heat quickly
  • It heats up to up 1450 Watts
  • It is suitable for parties
  • I think it’s worth the extra cost.
  • Reversible surface
  • This aluminium grill is very quickly to clean
  • The granite top has no border, so your batter would spill very easily.
  • Can cook for a small group
  • Embarrass because the stone took a little while to heat up
  • The cord is a little short
  • This dishes are so lightweight and made with a thin sheet of metal
  • The stone grill is a hassle to clean

#6. Artestia Electric Dual Raclette Grill with Cast Aluminum Reversible Grill Plate

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You can enjoy this raclette grill because it is very different and elegant you can cook two different types of meals on it very easily at the same time this is the best cooking experience with the conversation you can enjoy your food with your children every day with this beautiful grill.

  • Raclette has dual grill plates with reversible cast aluminium.
  • This is coated with non-stick.
  • It’s both sides that have a separate on-off button.
  • It is an electric grill.
  • Both sides have made for grilling.
  • Both sides have eight non-stick plastic spatulas or cheese melted trays.
  • Reversible grill plates the one side is plain and the other side has a grill.
  • It has no problem for melted the cheese at the same time as cooking.
  • This is made by neat design.
  • It heats up to 360 
  • It is easy to melt the cheese.
  • You can use it as an indoor grill.
  • It is easy to connect in a straight and L shape line.
  • When you soaked the pan in water, it can easy to clean.
  • Great for short or long table surface
  • This is perfect for a family gathering.
  • Both grill sides have a separate on-off button.
  • You can slide the food from it easily.
  • It takes time to cool-down
  • Every food stuck on it, so it is difficult to clean.
  • Take time to cook the food.
  • It is not a kind of outdoor grill.
  • Before using put oil in it because the food is stuck on it

#7. West Bend 6130 Raclette

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The raclette is a very famous and very cool machine raclette that allows you to heats your food very easily with this machine you do not need to spend your all-time in the kitchen for cooking. You will cook your food with low fats on the raclette.

  • This comes with two flat-top plates.
  • One plate is made of non-stick and the other plate made of granite stone.
  • It comes with 8 cheese frying pans and 8 spatulas. 
  • It all interior is dishwasher safe.
  • It has an on-off button and an adjustable heats controller.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 
  • Comes with 1200 watts
  • This raclette made of good qualities material
  • It has heatproof handles on the sides.
  • It is a great option for the small surface table.
  • Ideal for the cooking in front of the guest
  • You can be cooked interesting foods with this.
  • You can cook your meals with fun.
  • This is changing the taste of your foods.
  • It has heat-free handles.
  • It has two different grill plates; one is a granite top another is a metal grill.
  • It is easy to clean
  • This is too small for large parties.
  • Some peoples have bought it with some missing parts.
  • It takes time to hot.
  • The handles of trays were bending very easily with high temperatures.
  • The full range of accessories is not available.

#8. Milliard Raclette Grill for Four People, Includes Reversible Non-Stick Grilling Surface

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Do you find the best raclette which is favorite and trusted by peoples so this is one of the best raclettes? It is made for the customer and they are happy with its affordable price and with working if you can like small parties so this raclette is best for you.

  • It has two reversible non-stick grill plates one side is a grill and another is the flat top
  • It has four paddles
  • Four non-stick cheese melted trays come with it
  • The temperature controller dialer on its right side
  • Non-stick plates cook the food very fast well
  • It has a visible light indicator
  • The raclette comes with wooden spatulas
  • It has two-prong plugs with long wire
  • This is a cheap version of the raclette grill
  • This is perfect for 4 peoples
  • You can cook any kind of meat on the raclette grill
  • You can also use a flat top grill for melted the cheese
  • It is melted the cheese very fast
  • It has come with 4 paddles which are helpful for the standing on the table
  • You also use the cheese trays for any dip sauces
  • It is also used for small counters
  • It is a high-quality model
  • The wooden spatulas are not well for scraper the cheese
  • The food is stuck on the non-stick plates so please put oil before cooking
  • This is tiny for a large family
  • Small size raclette grill
  • Some parts of the grill are peel-off after use
  • This raclette performance is very cheap

#9. Swissmar 8 Person Swivel Raclette Cast Aluminum and Stone Grill Top

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This time to change your grill style with the raclette you will enjoy your parties and create your food with creating. You can cook your favorite foods more delicious on the raclette and fun with friends and families on the table side your guest control the temperature and makes their food in front of the tables and make it memorable.

  • This grill is made by Cast aluminum and granite stone
  • It one side is granite cast aluminum and the other side made of sold granite stone
  • All the accessories are available with this grill
  • Eight trays and eight scrapers come with this
  • The handles of trays are made by plastic
  • This is a swivel raclette grill
  • It underneath side is made of steel
  • Perfect for family around the table
  • Both sides of the grill are on-off independently
  • A better use for inside
  • It temperature takes 10 to 15 minutes for heats
  • It is creating mouthwatering for guests
  • 8 raclette spatulas and raclette trays
  • Easily used twice thrice time in a week
  • It looks nice and stylish
  • This grill is suitable for professional and non-professional peoples
  • The cheese melted very evenly so the taste is did not ruined
  • It trays are not filled overloaded
  • It is difficult to clean
  • It has no heat controller
  • Both sides are longer no wider so enough space for cooking
  • The grill stone is more difficult to clean

#10. Total Chef TCRF08BN 8-Person Raclette, Black

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This is beautiful marble and stainless steel raclette with the oval shape this model brings you fun with a barbeque and different food parties this raclette grill allows you to melt the cheese, baking frying, and grilling the food in few minutes. If you can season the grill before cooking it
cooks the food evenly without stuck.

  • It has eight small size trays with spatulas for serves eight persons with a fondue pot and also 6 forks with this
  • Temperature controller according to the temperature of food
  • It available with marble and metal grill plates
  • Its weight is around 9 pound
  • It has an on/off button with an indicator light
  • It is a solid material.
  • The oval shape is innovative
  • Heat resistant trays, spatulas, and forks
  • This unit perfect for 8 persons
  • Small and adjustable size
  • It is too small for 8 persons
  • The top is not reversible
  • The power cable wire is short
  • Before cooking it needs to seasoning

How To Choose A Best Raclette Grill

How to Choose a Best Raclette Grill

A raclette grill is the best way to host a gathering and dining party at your house. Can you buy a new raclette Grill and you don’t know which raclette grill is best for your parties don’t worry, below we include some buying guidelines for you. And these guidelines explain to you what to look out the grill while you go to buy a raclette grill.


Before purchasing a raclette grill make sure its size is according to your tabletop because if you have a small surface counter or a table so choose a small size grill and if you have a large surface tabletop so buy a grill which sizes around adjustable between 6 to 8 peoples, and this is suitable for your parties. If you have an extra-large table surface, you can also use two grills for your dinning party for the massive number of people.


Material checking is the most important thing while buying a grill. Because you are investing your worth on the raclette grill. If your grill is made with cheap material, it is not cooked your food well, and it is not working long-lasting. When you buy a granite stone grill, make sure it is not cracked because when the stone is broken is not work correctly.


This is a table grill and its performance like your dream. You cooked your food in your front on the tabletop. This grill is cooked your food very well and fast. Make delicious and healthy food for your guests with a raclette. You also cooked meat, chicken, and veggies on the top of the raclette grill.


When you buy a raclette grill, you must know about its price according to your budget. If you have a low account so choose a small surface grill because its price is down according to your need and a large surface grill is best for a huge family and its price is more than a small grill.

Different Heat Control

You are cooked different dishes at once time so you can need different temperatures according to your dishes. So choose a raclette that has an adjustable temperature controller. 

Cleaning and Maintain

Some models have to be completely hand-washed, and some have tiny nooks because they have tiny nooks, so it is difficult to clean, but its body easily clean with sponge and water. Raclette Grill easy to clean and easy to maintain.

How to use a raclette grill

If you are new to the used of raclette grill so first read its instruction book.

Set all parts of the unit before plugging.

Clean all the accessories of your unit if you have bought a new product unpacked your accessories and clean before using it.

When you use the grill, make sure your grill is properly dry before plugging.

If it has a stone surface, do not use a non-stick cooking spray it is caused by burning.

All parts are clean and dry properly before storing it in the box or a bag.

Preheat your grill because when you are preheating your grill, it will cook your food and dishes within a short time.

About 30 min ago preheat your granite stone before cooking because it is more take time to heat up.


Do you put oil on a raclette?

Yes, you can put oil on a raclette grill. Before using for the cooking slightly spread oil or spray cooking oil on the top of the raclette grill and sprinkle a pinch of salt because without sprinkle salt, meet is stuck on the raclette grill.

What can you cook with a raclette grill?

You can cook different types of dishes which make with the cheese cooked on the raclette grill. Raclette is also served with melted cheese, boil, roast, and steamed potato. You can also include some items of veggies, pickles, sweet baby corn, mushrooms, seafood, and many other things.

Can you cook steak on a raclette grill?

Yes, you can cook steak on a raclette grill. A Raclette grill is not complete without steak. Cut the meat on small bite pieces and sprinkle some black paper and salt and grill top of the raclette grill and enjoy with different types of drinks.

What is take safety Precautions?

We have introduced you to safety precautions while you can use a raclette grill.

  • Keep away from the children 
  • Please do not touch the hot stone and cast iron surface because it is caused your burn bare hands.
  • Do not soak in the water for cleaning because it is damaged your battery.
  • Use heat resistant spatulas for removed your dishes which cooked on the raclette grill.
  • Do not clean your raclette grill or other grills like charcoal, gas electricity while it is too hot.

We hope this article was very helpful to you to choose the best raclette grill for your next dining party Experience. 

History Of Raclette

The word raclette comes from, the french and it means ” to scrape off “. This is the best way to spend your countless time with your family and friends. When everybody sitting among around the side of the table and prepare their foods. It is designed for several peoples for cock at once. It makes your food more delicious and full of mouthwatering. 


Do not use your grill if the plug and wire are damaged.

If you notice any sparkles you unplugged the wire immediately. This product comes with a year warranty, but it’s wrong used damaged it very soon. When you unbox, your unit seems it’s all interior because sometimes these units come with not for all parts of the interior, and many times it’s some parts. They are damaged, and its hot stone is cracked.

How To Clean Your Raclette Grills Like A Pro

  • First unplugged the unit before clean.
  • Let’s cool your hot stone at least for couples hours or overnight.
  • Do not steel brush or grill scrubbing brush for scrub because it is the cause of scratching for your unit.
  • Wash your grill plates for simple warm water and tough stain wash grill plates with mild dishwasher liquid and rinse with clean water and clean with a towel immediately. Now your grill plates have a shine.
  • When the granite stone has a tough greasy stain, so scrub with a plastic scraper or a scotch bright is now its stain is rid off let’s clean with water. When you clean your stone, it looks like a new buying stone.
  • Dip your spatulas, scrapers, or dishes in mild detergent for few minutes and clean with water and cloth quickly.
  • After this cleaning procedure, clean all the interior and save in the box now store in the cool and dry place. And not near on the fire. 


When you buy a raclette from the shop, and you ask for their features, models, and variety of the grill. Here you have learned so many things about raclette grills, and you also know the different models of the best raclette grill. The things mentioned above of my article meant to help you understand all the needed detail about your product which one you like. Take some time to yourself to choose which brands/products you can buy without any doubt, and you will not have any regrets about the decisions of purchase. Buy the best brand raclette grill and enjoy your party at home with your friends and family. Cut meats into small pieces, veggies, and add some seafood to the table and offer your guests the ability to choose their favourite food in raclette.

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