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welding blankets for smoker

Welding blankets are used in two ways sometimes, these welding blankets are used to protect the surface under a grill or fire pit, and you can use them to insulate your smoker. The welding blankets retain heat and have heat-resistant properties. In the winter season, when the temperature falls below, welding blankets cover the grill and smoker.

There are different types of welding blankets in the market for a smoker. Suppose you are searching the market to buy the best welding blanket for smokers. We will provide you a list of the best blankets for your smoker. You can choose the best blanket from our list.

The Top 5 Best Welding Blankets For Smoker in 2022

#1. Traeger BAC344 22 Series BBQ Grill Insulation Blanket for Winter Cooking

Traeger BAC344 22 Series BBQ Grill Insulation Blanket for Winter Cooking


It is possible to grill in the cold season with Traeger BAC344 22 insulation blanket. It has an insulated surface that acts as a buffer between the grill and blanket. It retains the heat and smoke even in cold outdoor temperatures.

A Traeger blanket will properly insulate the smoker; hence there will be less fuel usage. It is made with durable material the hems are reinforced. It also includes the Velcro tabs, which help you to place it perfectly on the smoker.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It works great in the winter season
  • It comes with an opening handle
  • It is much easier to use with Velcro tabs
  • You do not need to burn more pellets if you use a Traeger welding blanket
  • A Traeger blanket is very helpful to controls the temperature
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Helps to maintain temperature
  • Less fuel consumption
  • This welding blanket is not made for large size smoker

#2. ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Fire Retardant Blanket

ABN Heavy-Duty Fiberglass Fire Retardant Blanket


This is the fiberglass welding blanket of size 4’×6’. The fiber welding protects you from accidents, injuries, and damage due to sparks, flares, and splatters.

If you use it under the smoker and grill, then it will protect the flooring, wood railing from embers and high heat, and sparks. It is not recommended to cut this blanket into pieces. If your grill is of small size, then fold the blanket to cover the small size smoker.

The ABN fiberglass blanket can be used for up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit working temperature. It is made with 19.8 oz/yd² fiberglass material that keeps the blanket bound tightly. As a result, the chances of wear and tear will be reduced. It is more durable and builds to last. This fiberglass blanket is bendable and folds up to the size of 14”×13”×2” inches. It is possible to store the blanket in a small space for easy portability. It comes with brass grommets that will allow you to hang it easily.


  • Fire retardant blanket protects you from injuries and accidents
  • It protects the surface, furniture, and flooring from the high heat and sparks coming from the smoker and fire pit
  • The ABN blanket is constructed with 19.8oz/yd² with a working temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Made with a tight weaving pattern of 30×30 per inch² to place it tightly with reduced wear and tear
  • Compact size blanket for easy storage
  • It is made to give thermal protection in any light to heavy-duty welding applications
  • It helps to keep even temperature
  • Long term use
  • It works as a heat barrier to protect the floor from embers
  • High-quality blanket at reasonable price
  • Easy to fold up
  • Heavier blanket difficult to carry

#3. Neiko 10909A Fiberglass Fire Retardant Welding Blanket

Neiko 10909A Fiberglass Fire Retardant Welding Blanket


The Neiko is a 100% flame retardant blanket made with durable material. It can be used as an insulation blanket or can be used for any purpose to prevent the property and furniture from sparks, spatter, and embers.

The heavy-duty 19.8 oz fiberglass blanket material gives extra thermal protection with a working temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a weaving pattern of 30×30 per square inch for more durability and various usages. As a result, there will be no risk of wear and tear. In addition, it will protect your equipment from damage.

Neiko blanket includes 3/8” I.D brass grommets every 11” distance to hang it easily and make it a perfect welding blanket. In addition, this blanket is foldable and can be stored easily.


  • The blanket is 100% fire retardant and works perfectly to prevent the damage accident caused by sparks, embers
  • It can be used as an insulation blanket or for general purpose
  • The blanket is made with 19.8 oz per square of fiberglass
  • Its weaving pattern increase the durability
  • The blanket comes with sturdy brass grommets of 11 inches distance for easy and safe hanging
  • It works effectively to cover the grill in cold weather
  • The brass grommets are sturdy
  • It will reduce the pellet usage in winter
  • The blanket with smooth surface and doesn’t have stray fibers
  • Two sizes 4×6 feet and 6×8 feet
  • The edges of the blanket unraveled easily

#4. Waylander Fiberglass Welding Blanket

Waylander Fiberglass Welding Blanket


Waylander is another high-quality fiberglass blanket that acts as a welding shield to protect the wood and other flammable materials. It has fiberglass with vermiculite treatment. An extra layer prevents you from fire and sparks, and the fiberglass binding makes it soft and reduced skin irritation.

Waylander blanket can be used to cover the working area or the surface area under the grill. It is made with high-quality material, so use it on the smoker and grill to retain the heat and smoke.

The blanket is reinforced stitched with Kevlar thread that is 100% flame retardant. The built-in metal brass grommets will allow you to hang the blanket. Use the Waylander fireproof blanket in the welding shop, plumbers, and mechanics and repair shop. If there is heat, you can use this blanket for protection.


  • Both sides of the blanket with vermiculite treatment
  • This treatment will reduce shedding, additional layer to protect from heat
  • Stitched with Kevlar thread and brass grommets
  • Flame retardant materials
  • Use it as a fire pit mat or to cover the smoker in the cold season
  • The blanket will break the flames up to 1400°F
  • Fire-resistant blanket
  • Easy to keep the temperature even and consistent
  • Great size and texture
  • Not skin-friendly itchy to use

#5. Tillman Heavy Duty Welding Blanket 6′ x 6′

Tillman Heavy Duty Welding Blanket 6' x 6'


Tillman heavy-duty blanket has excellent properties to protect you and your surroundings from heavy sparks, spatters, and slag. In addition, it can withstand high temperatures. The blanket with a melt temperature of the flat surface is 1200°F and 1700° for vertical surfaces.

You can use it as an insulation blanket. It will cover the smoker from all sides and retain the heat. The other best thing about this blanket is that FM. It approves it is made to use with heavy-duty applications.

The blanket folds to a small size for transport and storage. The Tillman blanket is durable, and for long-term use, there is no risk of wear and tear and gives you full protection against sparks and embers. The blanket has a grommet on every 18” made with fiberglass thread with hemmed borders.


  • The blanket can be used for melting temperature of 1200° F flat surface
  • It is made to protect the surface from heavy sparks spatter
  • It is 100%fire proof and heat resistant
  • Brass grommets of 18” distance
  • The edges are hemmed to increase the durability
  • No chances of wear and tear
  • FM approved blanket
  • High-quality blanket
  • Perfect blanket to cover the smoker and BBQ cooker
  • The brass grommets make it easy to hang the blanket on the wall
  • Wear gloves the blanket is Itchy to touch

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Welding Blanket

The best welding blanket should be heat resistant and constructed with the right material. If you are using a blanket to cover your smoker, then it should have a feature to retain the heat. You need to consider the following factors before buying a fireproof welding blanket.

Temperature resistant

The working temperature of the welding blanket indicates how heavy the blanket is? The temperature resistance tells you whether the blanket can be used with heavy-duty appliances or not. More welding blankets can be used at working temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flame retardant

This is the most important to check this quality. The blanket should be able to protect you and your equipment and flooring from high heat and sparks coming from the grill and other sources.

You should check the materials of the blanket. It should be made with 100% flame retardant and heat resistant, and fireproof.


If you buy a small blanket, then it will not cover the area. If you buy a blanket of large size, then you can fold it to cover the small spaces. The large size welding blanket will be used to cover large equipment as compared to the small size.


Most welding blanket has brass grommets of every 11” distance. grommets are used to hang the blanket and help for easy and safe storage

Easy to store

Some welding blankets are made with hard material. You should buy a soft material blanket so you can fold your blanket in small size for easy storage and transport. Some blankets come with handles so you can easily carry them. Check the weight of the blanket. The heavier blanket will be difficult to handle during work.

Types of welding blanket materials

Nowadays, welding blankets are made with various blanket materials. So here we are going to introduce the blanket materials.


Most manufacturers use fiberglass material due to its high temperature-resistant quality. The fiberglass welding blanket has the ability to withstand a high temperature of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

There may be some other coatings with fiberglass to make the blanket more effective and heat resistant.


The welding blanket made with this material cannot be used for heavy-duty applications. However, using the blanket vertically will work as a barrier between the high heat and surface due to its fire-retardant properties.


Silica is a high-quality material to protect your area from splatters and sparks. In addition, the silica has a melting point of 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can use the silica blanket for heavy-duty welding applications.


The vermiculite material can withstand temperatures of 1500 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, it can be used for vertical applications to protect the surface from sparks and high temperatures.

It does not consist of harsh material, so it fulfills all the requirements of a good welding blanket.

How to use a welding blanket for a smoker?

The smoker is insulated by using a welding blanket. These blankets are made with fire-resistant and heat-resistant material to protect you from injury and damage. They will retain the heat as well as protect the person from the high heat and embers.

You need to buy the exact size of the blanket to cover your smoker. Then, you just have to cover the smoker with a blanket from all sides and check properly it is placed tightly and in the exact position. If the smoker is not covered properly, then there will be a loss of heat, and it will be difficult to maintain the desired temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cut the welding blanket into small pieces?

Yes, it is possible to cut the blanket. You have to follow the manufacturer’s requirements before cutting. If you cut the blanket, the thread and hems may be loose. So it will be best to buy the exact size of the blanket.

Are welding blankets are waterproof?

They are not 100% waterproof, but they have water-resistant features. The purpose of a welding blanket is to protect from sparks and splatter, not from water.

Which are the other ways to use welding blankets?

You can use the welding blanket for grilling for outdoor camping and in case of any home emergencies. Moreover, you can use the blanket in places where the purpose is to protect from high temperatures and heat.

Is it possible to wash the welding blanket?

Yes, you can wash the blanket but check the instructions carefully before cleaning. You should use bleach-free detergents because bleach will damage its fire-retardant property of welding blankets.

Are welding blankets are safe?

Most welding blankets are made with fiberglass fire-retardant material. It can be used at a working temperature of 1000°F. It is a safe and secure method to protect the surface area from damage.


If you buy the best welding blanket, then it will be possible to eat the smoky food in the cold season. The selection of blankets depends on your requirements. We will recommend you to buy Traeger BAC344 22 Series BBQ Grill Insulation Blanket from the above list.

This blanket has heat-resistant and fireproof properties and will protect you against sparks and splattersBut, of course, you have to check the size, price, material of the welding blanket. We hope that you will buy a durable and high-quality welding blanket for your smoker by reading this article.

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