Best Blackstone Grills in 2021 | Reviews, Buying Guide

If you want to make delicious cooking foods with a smoky aroma, you need a grill that can fulfil all your cooking needs and desires. The Blackstone Company has gained a reputation due to its innovative features in grills, griddles, and smokers. The company always bring new and unique feature and provide the maximum benefit to the customer.

If you are quality conscious, then choose the Blackstone grill. Blackstone grills are user-friendly, and it is easy to learn all the features of Blackstone grill. If you are a beginner and do not know how to use the grill, you can easily cook food using the Blackstone grill.

Many models of Blackstone grills are available in the market. It may be difficult for you to choose the best Blackstone grill with incredible features because you may be confused by seeing their features, price, and size. We will help you by describing the best Blackstone grills with the features, pros, and cons. it can be easy for you to choose the best grill to satisfy all your cooking needs.

Best Top 6 Blackstone Grills Reviews

#1. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station – 2-burner 

The Blackstone griddle of 28″ is specially designed for barbeque lovers. Place this griddle in the backyard. The large surface area of 470 sq inches enough to serve a large group of friends and family. Cook the restaurant-quality food on this griddle.

You can make eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, steak, potatoes, and many more. The heat is provided by two independent stainless steel burners of 15000 BTUs make a total of 30000 can set the heat from high to low level to cook various types of food.

The Blackstone 28 inch outdoor griddle is easy to use and assemble in less time. The built-in ignition button is added for a quick and easy start. The two sturdy wheels for easy transport from store to backyard and removable griddle top with the foldable legs all these features are added for user convenience.

The Blackstone 28″ griddle is durable and powder coated with black steel, stainless steel burners, and a thick cold steel cooktop. You can easily clean the grill after cooking. Place the 20 lb propane tank on the tank storage tucked under the left side shelf.

  • Griddle surface area 470 square inches
  • Two independent controllable burners with a total of 30000 BTUs
  • Autoignition button installed to eliminate the use of matches kerosene and charcoal
  • The sturdy wheels are added for easy portability
  • The heat is fully controllable
  • The side shelves can be for preparing sauces.
  • The bottom shelf to place the cooking tools.
  • The legs can be folded down to place the griddle on a flat surface.
  • It is easy to clean this durable griddle.
  • The griddle top can be removed for cleaning.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Clean up is so easy task
  • Ignition button to make the start-up easy.
  • Even heat across all cooking surface
  • The oil may splatter during cooking
  • Began to get rust in a few months

#2. Blackstone 1825 36″ Accessory Griddle with Side Shelf, 36 inch-4 Burner-W/New

The Blackstone is famous due to its user-friendly design and features. This Blackstone 1825 36″ accessory griddle has some additional features: the side shelf on both sides, the removable cutting board on one shelf for making salads, the convenient paper towel holder, and the trash box.

The Blackstone griddle 1825 36″ with a large cooking area of 720 sq inches can be used for making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can serve a large crowd to make eggs, pancakes, cheese, potatoes, burgers, and many more delicious foods.

The four adjustable stainless steel burners provide a total of 60000 BTUs of heat. The heat can be adjusted easily for different foods. Easy to use and assemble. The ignition button for easy start-up of the cooking process.

This Blackstone griddle featured with new and improved grease management system. The griddle is durable and coated with a black powder steel frame. Strong wheels for moving it from backyard to campsite.

  • The griddle top made with high-quality 7-gauge stainless steel
  • You can cook on two burners when making a meal for a single person
  • Four adjustable burners with 60000BTUs 
  • Heat can be adjusted to cook everything from meat to vegetable
  • Autoignition button for quick start-up
  • Removable griddle top
  • Paper towel holder is attached
  • Cutting board facility for cutting vegetables
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy and locking wheels
  • Legs can be folded for easy and quick transport
  • Storage tray
  • Large cooking area to cook multiple foods
  • The grill frame looks cheap and lightweight
  • It is difficult to move
  • The grill gets hot you should be careful while touching its parts

#3. Blackstone 1819 Griddle and Charcoal Combo, Black

The Blackstone 1819 griddle can be used to enjoy outdoor parties with friends. Fry your veggies on the griddle and grill meat on the other side. You can adjust the height of the grill grate from the charcoal for better heat control during cooking.

The grill is easy to use and assemble. Cook the food in less time and spend more time enjoying the parties. Strong caster wheels for easy moving. This Blackstone 1819 griddle is coated with a black steel frame, which is rust-resistant and durable.

Make lunch, breakfast, and dinner quickly and in less time. You can make toasts and side meals during cooking.

  • The grill dimensions 16″ 15.75.”
  • The griddle dimensions 17″*15.75″
  • The stainless steel h burners provide 12000BTUs of heat.
  • Charcoal grate hook to adjust it closer or away from the heat
  • Extra hooks are given to hang utensils.
  • Two Wheels and handle for easy transportability
  • Side shelf can be used to prepare sauces.
  • Easy to put together
  • Even heat distribution
  • Clean up is easy
  • Built-in ignition knob
  • No gauge to check the propane levels of the tank
  • A small area of griddle gets hot to cook food

#4. Blackstone 1666 22″ Tabletop Griddle Outdoor Grill, 22 inch, Black

Black stone 1666 22″ is a small size grill specially designed to enjoy small gatherings with friends. The griddle top of 330 sq inches can be used to cook a full meal quickly and hassle of assembling. The grill works with two independently controlled H burners. You can cook as much food as you want at adjustable heat.

The Blackstone 1666 22″ featured an efficient grease management system to remove all excess grease from food. Clean the grill easily after each use. This grill can be easily carried for parties and tailgating. You can cook the meat without the worry of flare-ups on even and high heat.

  • Two h style burners with 24000BTUs of heat
  • The grilling area of 330 sq inches
  • Cook everything from steaks to stir fry
  • No fear of losing juices of meat
  • Adjustable heat
  • Improved grease management system
  • Weight is 32 pounds
  • Build to last
  • Equal heat across all grilling surface
  • Easy to clean the grill
  • Solid drip tray
  • Portable grill
  • Grease drains properly
  • Heats up fast
  • Scratches start to appear on the cooking surface

#5. Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle 

Blackstone tabletop grill 17 inch is another small size grill which can be used for parties, road trips, and camping. This grill has a cooking surface of 260 square inches with stainless steel burner of H style with 12000BTUs of heat, which provides high and even heat of all cooking areas. You can cook multiple items at one time.

The Blackstone grill eliminates the hassle of cleaning. You can wipe the grease from the griddle top with a paper towel. You can store the griddle top upside down on top of the griddle body after use. The igniter function is added to save time.

  • Carry this grill easily for camping and travelling
  • The grill can be stored in a small space
  • It is easy to clean Blackstone tabletop grill
  • The cast iron metal is used to construct the grill
  • Weight is 21 pounds
  • The h burner delivers 12000BTUs of high and uniform heat
  • Griddle area of 260 sq inches
  • Make 12-16 burgers on a cooking surface
  • Super easy to use
  • Large grease trap
  • Heats up fast
  • The drip tray should be bigger
  • Cooking surface not flat
  • No boundaries on the griddle. Sides are open

#6. Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Blackstone tailgater gas grill is the perfect grill for any occasion and party. This grill has a grill box on the left side and a flat griddle on the right. The total cooking surface of this grill is 477 square inches. This grill will be ready for use in seconds and can be carried easily.

You can set up this grill on a flat surface and uneven ground by adjusting the legs. This grill works with two independent burners one burner of stainless steel h tube burner with 15000BTUs, and the other one is a cast iron burner with 20000BTUs.

The Blackstone tabletop grill consists of a heavy-duty grill box with a handle and cast iron grill grates with cold-rolled steel griddle plates. All these features make this grill durable and reliable.

You can remove the grill and griddle at the same time or remove the one and use the open burner. Many options are available for your convenience. You can make multiple foods on this versatile grill.

The Blackstone grill guarantees your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the company and return it.

  • grill up to 500+ degree on grill box
  • versatile grill with grill box and griddle
  • two burners of 20000BTUs and 15000BTUs
  • you can remove the grill box and griddle to use the open burners
  • the large cooking surface of 477 square inches
  • Solid grill
  • Cleaning is so easy
  • Dual cooking surface
  • Heats up quickly
  • No boundaries on the grilling area
  • No lid to cover the cooking surface
  • Without wheels, it is difficult to move

Why you should buy a Blackstone grill?

Blackstone has been manufacturing cooking appliances since 2005. The grills produced by Blackstone are known due to their quality and durability. The solid powder-coated stainless less steel material is used in construction, which makes the grill durable and flexible. 

Every year Blackstone brings a new and unique feature to their cooking appliances. The material use to construct the grill is rust-resistant. you can buy the versatile and reliable Blackstone grill at a reasonable price

Buying Guide

Before buying a Blackstone grill, you should consider many factors. We will discuss these factors. 

Cooking area

When you go to buy a grill, then you will check the total cooking area. This will depend upon the number of family members. If you have a small family, you should buy a grill with a small cooking area like Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17.

If you have to serve many members of a large family and you need the grill for parties with friends and tailgating, then buy the large size grill like Blackstone 28 inch Gas Griddle Station. You can cook food quickly and easily on a large size grill.


The Blackstone grills come with a different number of burners. If there are four burners, you can make food quickly and adjust the heat level. If you have a limited budget, then you can buy the one burner grill.

If you can afford the high price, then buy the grill with four burners. If your family is small, then you can buy the grill with one burner. If you need a grill for a large family or crowd, then buy the grill with four burners.


The BTUs are the heat power of the grill. If the grill has a large surface, then the burner should have more BTUs for high heat. If the BTUs are less, then there will be less heat on the surface. Buy the grill, which has a burner with higher BTUs.


Weight is the important factor if you should decide if you need the grill for travelling and camping, then you need a grill of smaller size and lightweight grill which can be carried easily.

You can buy a heavy-weight grill if you do not want to move it frequently. You just fix the grill and use it.

Extra features

Many features that come with many black stone grills are sided shelves, side burner, paper towel holder, and hooks to hang the utensils and tools.


Some models of Blackstone grills allow you to use the grill box and flat griddle at the same time. You can fry the vegetables on one side and make the barbeque on another side. You can remove the griddle box to use the burner stove. This feature is available in Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo.


Which is better grill or griddle?

Griddle with a flat top surface with no gaps so there will be no fear for food to fall off. If the surface is properly maintained and seasoned, then the meat and fish will not stick to the griddle surface.

Are steaks good on a griddle?

Yes, it is right. You can cook juicy flavour steaks on a griddle surface. After proper seasoning, you can cook the steaks on a griddle Pan.

Can you leave your Blackstone griddle outside?

You have to protect the griddle from water and harsh weather. If you do not care about the griddle and you left it outside, then the griddle’s whole surface will be rusted.

Are Blackstone grills manufactured in China?

No, the company made their first griddle of 36″ in 2005.their products are known due to their high quality and unique features. Their products are manufactured only in the USA.


All the grills which are made by Blackstone are of high quality. It may be difficult to say which product is best, but it totally depends on your needs and purpose to select the grill for cooking.

If you want to use grill and griddle at the same time, then buy the Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo. It works with two powerful burners and large cooking space of 477 square inches.

The Blackstone Table Top Grill – 17 Inch is a small size and lightweight grill for two persons. The cooking surface of 260 square inches, and one burner of 12000BTUs. It can be easily used for road trips. All the grill have different cooking surfaces, prices, and number of burners. Choose the grill which can give you benefits on a limited budget.


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