Camp Chef Xt vs DLX | Which is Better?

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Do you want to enjoy the barbeque party with your family and friends?

You can not achieve the natural smoky taste from the charcoal grill and gas. However, the smoky food cooked with a pellet grill gives you many benefits, from smoky flavor to ease of use for everyone.

The pellet grills are fueled by pellets made with compressed wood. These pellets are stored in a hooper and then inserted into a firebox to create heat. The firebox is made with solid metal so that the food will be cooked over indirect heat and smoke. the ultimate result will be juicy and tender food with a smoky taste.

Camp Chef XT Vs DLX: A Detailed Comparison

Camp Chef PG24XT Smoke Pro Pellet BBQ with Digital Controls and Stainless Temp Probe Smoker Grill, Black

The camp chef XT pellet grill will revolutionize the way of cooking on your back patio or outdoors. First, you need to set the temperature and not worry about food. The smoke pro-XT will automatically cook your food at the desired temperature.

The smoke pro-XT is equipped with smart smoke technology to divide the smoky flavor into every bite of food. The automatic auger system to add pellets into the grill for required heat and smoke level. Versatile grill with multiple options of grilling, smoking, baking, roasting, and barbeque. The temperature range of smoke pro-XT is 160°F to 500°F.

The smoke pro XT provides you large cooking surface of 570 square inches. The assembly is easy and quick. The cleaning is easy by just pulling a lever. Possible to clean the grill between cooks. Pull the knob, and ash will be transferred from burned cup to the removable cup.

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  • 1 meat probe to check the internal temperature
  • Temperature range from 160 F to 500F
  • Digital control is easy to use
  • Ash cleanout is easy
  • Side attachment compatibility add a sidekick or shelf 
  • Blue LED temperature display
  • The firebox made with stainless steel


  • Perfect grill and smoker
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High-quality construction


  • Temperature fluctuates
  • Uneven legs
  • Difficult to move with one set of wheels

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill w/New PID Gen 2 Digital Controller – Black

The DLX 24″ pellet grill is a great grill that produces reliable smoke every time. Equipped with Gen 2 controller that is easy to use and comes with smoke control options. For example, you can set the amount of smoke for the specific meal by choosing the smoke number from 1-10—the PID controller with a temperature range of 160°F to 500°F.

The DLX 24” comes with 2 meat probes so that it will give you more control over the temperature. In addition, the easy-to-read digital display to know the temperature in seconds. The sidekick is designed to give you the versatility you can add grill, griddle, oven, stockpot, and many more. The sear box with cast iron grill grate creates the sear marks on meat at the high temperature of 900°F. The cooking surface of this pellet grill is 570 square inches. The two wheels are included for easy moving.


  • A large capacity hooper of 18lbs for long hours of smoking
  • Equipped with two stainless steel meat probes
  • Grease management system
  • Low glare digital display 
  • PID controller to maintain the consistent temperature


  • It keeps the heat even and consistent
  • Easy to change the wood pellets
  • Simple assembly
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to operate


  • None

Difference Between he Camp Chef XT and DLX

PerformanceCamp Chef PG24XT Smoke Pro Pellet BBQ with Digital Controls and Stainless Temp Probe Smoker Grill, BlackCamp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill w/New PID Gen 2 Digital Controller - Black
Cooking surface570square inches570square inches
Fuelwood pellet wood pellet
Weight133lbs 140 lbs
Temperature range160°to 500° 160°F to 500°F
Hooper capacity18 lbs18 lbs
Meat probes12
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Dimensions40.5×25×22 inches 45×21×51 inches
Side shelfNoYes

Meat probe

In the Camp Chef grill, you will find the full temperature control setup. In addition, it comes with meat probes to measure the internal temperature instantly. The Camp chef XT has 1 meat probe, and the DLX has dual meat probes for more precise temperature measurement.

Side shelf

The Camp chef XT does not include the side shelf, whereas the Camp chef DLX has a side shelf with attachment capability.

Cooking surface

Both grills Camp chef XT and DLX offer the same cooking surface of 570 square inches. This is the large area to cook large pieces of meat.


The Camp chef XT and camp chef smoke pro-DLX have almost the same features. The purpose of the Camp Chef is to add features for the convenience of their customers. Therefore, their products are loaded with many new advanced features. The smoke pro-DLX is the upgraded version with more exciting features. The DLX has a side shelf and dual meat probes.

You can buy any grill from the above two grills. Both grills are durable and will perform efficiently. You will surely get the value of your money.


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