How Does a Smokeless Fire Pit Work | Guide

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Why do people prefer to buy a smokeless fire pit over a normal fire pit? You will choose a smokeless fire pit if you believe that it will work.

The smokeless fire pit is designed efficiently that delivers high heat, and works well to reduce the amount of smoke and the smell they produce. However, always remember that no fire pit is 100% smokeless.

Let’s discuss the smokeless fire pits in more detail, how they reduce the smoke, and for high heat and cooking purposes.

How Does a Smokeless Fire Pit Work: A Complete Guide

What is a smokeless fire pit?

A smokeless fire pit burns with less amount of smoke by burning firewood. As a result, the fire burns more efficiently, and you may notice the high flames rising from the smokeless fire pit.

Smokeless fire pis generate less smoke from the beginning. Next, the smoke is re-burned to dispose of all the wood particles that are left. In this process, make sure that the air is flowing out from the fire pit.

The smokeless firepit produces less amount of smoke, but the amount of smoke is reduced to the extent that you may not notice it.

Do smokeless fire pits work?

The whole method of smokeless fire pit is creative which is based on a fire triangle. According to the manufacturer, a good fire is a compound of three elements: adequate oxygen, a generous amount of heat, and fuel. When these three factors are combined, then the fire will produce enough heat without smoke.

Smokeless fire pits allow you to enjoy the heat without handling the smoke. Smokeless does not mean that you are saying the stove is completely smoke-free. as the fuel burns, you could see a little bit of smoke. However, that amount of smoke will be insufficient. You will not take notice, and your hair and clothes will be free from smell.

When you fire up the fuel, it will produce smoke normally. This will only happen at the start, but after 10 – 20 minutes of burning, the inflammable material will be converted into heat, and there will be no smoke.

If the fire pit works with double-wall convection like solo stove Yukon in which the oxygen comes in from bottom holes and circulating the warm oxygen up and feed the fire from top vents. this is known as secondary combustion and results in a smokeless heat.

When you place the firewood and wood chunks in the pit and ignite the fire, the air around the wood mix with heat and increase the fire to create primary combustion, when wood burns, the fire increases, this is the major difference between the traditional fire pits. The fire, when it burns, need more oxygen for combustion. If there is a lack of airflow, the fuel will not burn completely and change into more smoke.

Then a need arises for secondary combustion where the walls heat up as the fire burns, and the hot air channelling between the two walls begins to rise, and this hot air gets out from a series of holes of the smokeless fire pit.

This heated oxygen proceeds with the smoke produced with secondary combustion and make it re-burned. in this way, you can enjoy a smokeless fire with your family and friends in your backyard.

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Do Smokeless Fire Pits emit Heat?

When fuel burns to heat the air between the double walls, then a momentous amount of heat will be produced. As the heated air gets out, heat emits that can be a source to enjoy in winter evenings in your backyard.

The fuel with low moisture like wood pellets and firewoods can burn faster and produce heat of up to 1000°F.

Do smokeless fire pits are a source of the smell?

If low smoke, then there will be less smell. the smokeless fire pits are designed to generate high heat and warmth by using less fuel.

The smokeless fire pits are engineered to increase the airflow, which ultimately feeds the fire with the rising smoke. This smoke will burn off in the wall of the fire pit. Therefore, it will not reach your clothes and nose.

The smell may be dangerous for some people and children. If you have a child with allergic conditions like asthma and the elder parents want to enjoy the outdoor fire, a smoke-less firepit is a solution for this problem. When there is less smoke, then there will be less smell.

Which wood is best to burn in a smokeless fire pit?

Oak and hardwoods are best to use than softwood because they burn hotter and clean and produce less residue and smoke.

If you use green and wet wood, it will result in a large amount of smoke, and it will be difficult to light up such type of wood.


The use of smokeless fire pits is gaining popularity. You can get a lot of options available from larger brands. Everyone in your family likes to enjoy the fire pit without smoke. Although the price of a smokeless fire pit is a little bit higher, it may fulfil your purpose of buying the fire pit.

 We hope that you understand the procedure of how does a smokeless fire pit work and how it is different from the traditional fire pit. Now you will prefer to buy a smokeless fire pit than a traditional fire pit.

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