How much propane does a smoker use?

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Having your friends and family at your place and arranging for them a lavish barbecue party is a wholesome experience. But to avoid any troublesome situation, you must make a list of things you need to take care of. Having the best barbecue apparatus tops the list. But you may also sometimes wonder how much propane does a smoker use? Well, that depends on a number of things. There are multiple factors that determine how much propane your smoker will consume during the course of your barbecue.

A propane smoker is a cooking device that uses propane as the heating source and smokes the food. They are available in a wide variety of designs with cast iron or stainless steel construction.  

A smoker, on average, consumes 1 to 2 pounds of fuel. This approximation is for a grill of medium size when you are cooking on high heat. There is never going to be a perfect answer to this question: how much propane does a smoker use. However, you can do some calculations and set out a rough estimate to arrange enough propane for your barbecue party. Things that may affect the factor include:

How much propane does a smoker use?

Size of the grill:

The larger the size of the grill, the more will be the propane used. A larger amount of heat energy is required to sizzle up the larger grill surface.

Weather conditions:

If you are barbecuing in a cold environment, such as a snowy evening, more propane will be consumed to properly heat up the grill surface. On the contrary, if you are grilling the food on a sunny day, less propane will be used to heat up the grilling surface as the temperature of the environment is not too low. Due to warm environmental temperatures, your smoker’s temperature will be preserved.

Propane tank size:

The size of propane tanks largely affects how long fuel will last in the appliance. The larger is your smoker’s propane tank. The longer your fuel will last. This size of propane tank also depends upon the brand manufacturing the smoker.

Tank’s BTU rating:

BTU is the measurement of energy or, more precisely, heat content. BTU is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. The more the BTU of the smoker, the more will be the amount of energy required for cooking. Hence, more propane will be consumed. The less the BTU, the less will be the amount of propane required.

The cooking method used:

The cooking method you are using and the amount of food you are going to smoke play an important role in the consumption of propane. More propane will be used if you are using a direct cooking method compared to the indirect method.

When using a direct cooking method, you place your food directly over the heat source, and food is cooked faster hence reducing the consumption of propane. On the other hand, indirectly, food is cooked slowly by the heat generated by surrounding areas, and hence less propane is required.

Type of food:

In addition to the cooking method used, the type of food is also very important in determining how much propane a smoker uses. For instance, if the chicken is being cooked, it will take much less time and energy than that beef or lamb. Beef or lamb requires much more time than that of the chicken, and eventually, this will lead to more propane consumption to generate a larger amount of heat.

Cooking temperature:

Cooking temperature is also a key component in determining how much of the fuel is required. If you are cooking the food on high heat, more propane will be used to generate that much high energy. The medium temperature will require less fuel, and low-temperature cooking will require even less propane, respectively.

Considering all the above factors, you must always consider some key elements to figure out how much actual amount of propane is required for cooking a proper meal.

  • Quantify your cooking temperature
  • Standardize your smoker’s BTU rating
  • Determine the type of food to be cooked
  • Evaluate the environmental temperature conditions

“A propane smoker, on average, will burn 1 to 2 pounds of propane approximately.”


How much propane does a smoker use can’t be answered perfectly? But some calculations can be done that will roughly define the amount of propane used in cooking. Considering the factors such as environmental temperature, smoker’s BTU rating, and the king of food you are cooking, you can give a rough estimate of how much propane your smoker will burn. To have an experience grilling your food, everything must fall in line, and hence propane adjustments and requirements are very important.

Set the apparatus, fill the propane tank accordingly, and VIOLA!

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