How to Clean a Charcoal Grill | Complete Guide Step by step

Easy Ways To Clean A Charcoal Grill

We provide you with some easiest instructions step by step about how to clean your charcoal grill. The Charcoal grill is the best grill to add some smoky flavored in your food. This is cheap and easy to use.




First Cover Your Hands

Cover your hands with leather gloves before starting to clean your Weber charcoal grill. Because sometimes the grill is hot and causes you to burn your hand. When you cover your hands, it is saved from the grease, oil, and dust.

The Upper Side of Grill’s Lid

Now focus on the upper side of your grill’s lid and start cleaning. Grab a sponge with the mixture of warm water and mild detergent on the top of the lid and clean with water at last for the shining spray of all-purpose cleaner on the top of the lid and rub a towel now your top of the lid is so clean and shiny.

Clean the Inner Side of Lid

Now time to clean the inner side of the lid. Open the lid and scrub with a stainless steel brush for collecting stains of grease, smoke, and dirt. When the steam, smoke, and grease are collected in the inside of the lid these things soften the paint of your inner side of the lid, so the paint is peeling off. For this situation scrub with a plastic wires brush and peel off all paint and clean it with a soapy sponge and clean with water now this is done.

Cleaning Rusty Charcoal Grill Grates

Cleaning rusty charcoal grill grates

Clean With Acid cider vinegar

Clean your charcoal grills cooking grates. You clean your grill grates with the help of acid cider vinegar for rust and tough stain. But before the use of acid cider vinegar clean the grates with water and collect all coal from the grill because acid cider vinegar does not react on the coal. Spray acid cider vinegar on the grates and leave for the overnight for the best result because rust is melted with vinegar. This is the best way to save your time and hard work while you will use it to clean a charcoal grill. The next day clean with water and enjoy your grilling session.

Clean with the help of cleaning supplies and the brushes

If you have not to rust and tough stains on the cooking grates then scrub the grates with a barbecue stainless steel brush. If you don’t have a stainless steel brush, you also use a spoil of aluminum, hold the spoil with the help of a tong and rub on the grates. For the stubborn spots, use a scotch pad with soapy liquid water and rinse with clean water. Your work is done within 15 to 20 minutes.

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After done procedure removed cooking grates for next the procedure

The Ash Catcher

Clean all the ash with a one-touch cleaning system and slide the handle a few times. Now all ash dropped in the ash pot. Remove all ash from the ash pot and replace the pot.

The Inside of Bowl

When you clean your ash pot now clean the inside of the bowl for shining and lose any debris with the help of a sponge and soapy water rub the sponge inside of the bowl and clean with water.

Cleaning of the Kettle

Clean charcoal grill kettle last and all is done! Charcoal grates rubbing brush rub in the kettle and same procedure grab a sponge of warm soapy water mixture rub in the kettle and clean with a towel in the last spray all-purpose cleaner on both sides of the kettle. 

At least your charcoal grill was clean, neat, and shiny. So follow these simple steps, and you’re sure to have a very great time grilling.

Clean with White Vinegar

You also used white vinegar for the clean charcoal grills grates spray vinegar on the top of the grates and rub with aluminum spoil.

Hold an aluminum spoil and get into the shape of the ball then rub on the top of the grates. The vinegar removes all the rusts from the grates. Now clean with water and a towel.

Clean with beer

Pour the beer top of the grill grates when the grates are hot. Beer is melted the oil, rust, and the grease from the grates and this situation scrub the stainless steel brush or a plastic wire brush and clean with water. If you need full 

Informative Instructions  

Some informative instructions to increase your knowledge when you use these things during the clean your charcoal grill.

What is Glass cleaner

Glass cleaner is not only used to clean your appliances, but it is also used to kill all bacteria and sanitize your appliances. You should be used as a glass cleaner to clean your floors.

What is All-Purpose Cleaner

All-Purpose cleaner is used for stain and dirt. When you use an all-purpose cleaner remember one thing an all-purpose cleaner is not suitable for wooden floors and wooden types of furniture.

When you use an all-purpose cleaner mix in the water and sprayed on your things because it’s directly used it damages your things.

Important Note

This article was very helpful for you while you can clean your charcoal grill and follow these simple and easiest cleaning steps during the cleaning system you can easily clean your charcoal grill.

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