How to Clean a Flat top Grill Before and After Cooking | Complete Guide of 2021

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How To Clean A Flat Top Grill1

Some people leave their grills dirty after use, and this kind of peoples thinks we have don’t need to clean it and when he needs the outdoor and indoor flat top grill or chrome grill to prepare food for a party and dinner, etc. then they are needs to clean the grill before cooking, but it is a very bad Habit. When some people noticed their dirty and greasy grill, then asked themselves how to clean a flat top grill? We include some easy cleaning method and out of rust from the grill step by step in this post.

You need these things before cleaning

  • A sponge
  • The mixture of dishwasher liquid and water
  • Warm water
  • A Scotch bright
  • Griddle scrub brush
  • 2 to 3 different cloths
  • Vinegar and water liquid
  • Baking soda and lemon water
  • Vegetable cooking oil
  • Olive oil
  • Stainless steel cleaner 
  • Stainless steel brush

Clean a Flat Top Grill Before use

Sometimes, when you clean your grill and season the griddle with oil for the next use and store, dirt clogged on the grease, and it is causing the rust, so before using it must be clean your flat top grill.

Heat up the Griddle/Grill

Turn on and heat your flat top Grill, Weber charcoal grill, 4 burner gas grill, and electric grill about 300 to 400 degrees. When your griddle is hot, scrape with the scraper a brush and remove all the rust from the flat top grill.

Pour warm water

Pour warm water on the griddle’s surface because warm water helps remove all the grease one your grill is let cool, then scrub with a brush and clean with water.

Use a mixture of dishwasher and water

When you clean your grill with warm water, then dip a sponge in the mixture of dishwasher and water and gently rub on the surface and clean with water.

Dry the Griddle

After doing all the procedures, dry the top of the flat griddle with the help of cloth and air, now ready for the next procedure.

Season the grill with vegetable oil

Season your flat top grill with vegetable oil because the oil will help you make cooking easier on the grill and now start your cooking sessions after done all cleaning systems.

Clean the Flat-top Grill after Cooking


Clean the gratesHow To Clean A Flat Top Grill3

When you cook meat and marinate food on the grill grates, it is stuck on the grates, and some grease on the flat top the grill, which is causing many bacteria and fungus are grown up on the grill. So scrub with the Stainless – Steel brush and remove all the stuck food.

Scrap burnt food from the grill 

When you are cooking on the high-temperature flame, it will burn your food, clogged on the grill. For this problem, scrub the grill with a griddle scrubbing brush and clean it with water.

Clean with Liquid Soap and Water

After the scrubbing procedure, clean the griddle with the sponge and liquid soap. Spread the liquid soap on the griddle and rub with the sponge now clean with warm water because warm water removes all oil particulars. After clean, the griddle set aside for dry and done the next procedure.

Clean the Gas burner

The gas burner clogged with the oil and dust when oil drip and stuck on the burner. Clean your burner with warm water and liquid of soap. Soak the burner in the liquid and scrub with a sponge or a cloth now clean with water and the burner looks new as before.

Clean the rust from the griddle

If your grill is made of metal, it quickly picks the rust, so if you save your grill from the rust, season your grill after and before. But if your grill has rust, so turn on and heat up, put vinegar and baking soda on its top, and spread properly scrub with the scrubbing brush. Now all the rust removes from the griddle at last clean with water and a dry cloth for soaking all the access water.

Clean other Surfaces

Cleans the grills’ bottom sides because it dirty very soon, so clean it as soon as. And clean other surfaces of the flat top grill like the exterior, shelves, and other surfaces with the help of a liquid dishwasher and sponge and clean with water and for shine spray stainless steel cleaner and rub a cloth. Don’t forget to clean it around the sides after cleaning.

Grease with cooking oil

After doing all the procedures, replace all the parts of flat top grill and grease with cooking oil, but if you season your grill with olive oil, it takes more flavors in your food. Store your grill water and dust-free place because if the water is touched, your grill is causing rust, so place in the safe and clean place.


How To Clean A Flat Top Grill2

why we use a griddle?

Griddle looks very versatile. You can flip and removed your food very quickly because it has no sides. They have a flat and non-stick surface to cooks your food.

which one is the best grill a flat top or a regular grill?

You can use the regular grill just for BBQ, but you can cook everything on the flat top grill.

Can you cook vegetables on the flat top grill?

Spray cooking oil or olive oil on the top of the flat top grill, heat your griddle on medium or high heat and cook your vegetables for 15 to 20 minutes.

is cooking on a flat top grill healthy or not?

Flat top grill is required a low amount of oil so you can cook your food in a minimum amount of oil and if your food can cooks in low fat and low oil, so it is very healthy for you.

How do I clean a burnt griddle?

Pour hot water on the flat top griddle add dishwasher liquid and water mixture. Hold a sponge and gently rub on the griddle, remove all the burnt food, and rinse with water.

Can you put your electric griddle in the dishwasher?

Do not put your electric griddle in the dishwasher. Only use plastic or nylon spatulas to scrub food on the top.

How to prevent rust from the grill?

Every time after using your grill, heat your grill for 10 to 15 minutes and scrub with the scrubbing brush and clean with water now season with oil and safe for the next time.

How to clean a rusty flat top grill?

Heats your grill for 10 to 20 minutes and put vinegar on the surface. Wait for a few minutes and gently rub with scotch bright and rinse with water. Now rust is removed from the body and now put some oil on the surface for grease your grill. 


Now that you know how to clean a flat top grill after reads this article. Clean your grill regularly, and do not wait to use it for cooking. A clean grill is prepared for your food delicious, and a dirty full of rust grill is affect the color of your food and badly affects the taste.


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