How To Clean George Foreman Grill | Complete Guide for 2021

The George foreman lean means fat-reducing grilling machine is known as George foreman grill. These grills work with electricity and produce heat. This grill is the product of spectrum brands. It is two serving grill small size portable grills for use in the backyard or lobby. Its unique feature is that extra fat from the meat is reduced. The nonstick coating on the grill is easy to clean and wash. The removable drip tray collects excess fats and grease, which can be removed with a dishwasher. After making food on the grill, cleaning it properly will keep it safe for the next grilling. If you do not clean it, then there will be a smell of meat, and the material of the grill may be spoiled.

Cleaning the George foreman grill by removing plates

George Foreman Grill By Removing Plates Min

Some of the George Foreman grills come with removable plates that can be removed and washed easily. We will explain this process step by step.


1. Unplug the grill first

unplug the grill and wait about 10 to 15 minutes to cool down. If you think that it is cooling off, then wear oven mitts and remove the plates.

2. Wash with dish wash liquid

Pour some dishwasher liquid into hot water and dip the plates in this warm water. It would help if you used a soft pad to scrub away any fat or oil instead of using you to fill water into the sink, add a few drops of liquid soap into the water, and then keep your grill plates into the water a few minutes. 

3. Dry the plates with a towel

Use a soft towel to clean excess water from plates. Before attaching plates to the grill, please check it carefully that plates have dried completely because few water drops remaining in the restaurant may lead to electric shock.

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Cleaning of George foreman grill without removing plates

George Foreman Grill Without Removing Plates Min

1. Use of paper towels

Take three wet paper towels and place these on grill plates. Before doing this, be sure to unplug the grill and wait for a few minutes to cool down. Close the restaurant, and the wet paper towels will absorb all the grease from plates. The grill has to be warmed when you place sheets, but if it is too hot for touch, wait for a few minutes.


2. Spray with water

This is another method to clean your grill, fill water in your spray bottle and then start spraying on to the restaurant before doing this please make sure it is turned off then wipe all the grease and particles of food with a paper towel.


3. Use of plastic scrapper

The plastic scraper is also given with some models of foreman grill. This plastic scraper can be used to scrape off any food parts but do not use metal scrappers who can damage the nonstick coating of the grill.


4. Use of wet sponge

Take a sponge to pour water and soap on it and use it to clean inside or outside of the grill. The grease may stick any part of the grill, so spend time to clean the grill. If you forget to remove any part of food or oil in the grill, then it will create a bad smell when you open the grill next time.


4. Clean the drip tray

The drip tray catches the excess grease and oil from food, so it should be cleaned properly. Pour the grease into the sink and dip the tray into hot soapy water after waiting for few minutes, then clean the tray with a towel. You can also use a sponge to clean the grease from the drip tray.


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