How To Clean Weber Genesis Grill

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When you buy a kitchen accessory, then you have to maintain and clean it regularly, same like proper Maintainance is important in the case of the grill. If you want to eat healthy food, then you should clean your grill regularly after each barbeque party. It is essential to increase the lifetime of the grill.

In this article, we will discuss some useful tips for cleaning a grill. Although you have to give some time to clean the grill, it will make the grill more efficient and durable. How to clean the grill from inside and outside?

How To Clean Weber Genesis Grill: A Detailed Guide

How to clean grates and burners

The performance of the grill will be declined if it has not been cleaned and maintained. The stainless steel burners of weber genesis ii are easy to clean. You can buy a cleaning liquid solution and then clean it with a towel.

While cleaning your grill grates, the debris and burnt food particles should be cleaned properly. You can use a brush to clean all debris. After this, remove the grates from the burner. You can clean the burner easily by removing it.

Clean the outside of the burners by brush. You must clean the burners carefully without damaging the electronic ignition. You can use white vinegar to remove all the stains and debris quickly and easily from the grates and burners.

When you have finished cleaning the burners, you have to make sure that they are completely dry. If they are wet, then it will affect the quality of grilled food.

When you are cleaning the burners, then keep in mind the following tips

  • Before cleaning check, the grill is completely cool
  • Never use the same brush to clean the burner and flavored bars in this way, the grease will be transferred from other parts to burners
  • Avoid using sharp pins or nails to clean the burner sharp pin can damage the burner from inside
  • You should wear glove before starting the cleaning process

Clean the outside parts of the grill

In this section, you have to clean the sides and lid of your BBQ grill. You can clean it with a towel and cleaning solution. Clean the dirt and stains from the body and make sure no stubborn stains are left. You have to clean the sides of the grill daily. If you ignore the dirt, then it will be difficult to remove. If your grill is made of stainless steel material, avoids using the stainless steel brush because their bristles are hard and the surface will not be cleaned properly, and the surface will be scratchy and damaged.

Clean the bottom tray and drip tray

The size and shape of drip trays are different in each grill. Some bottom trays cover the entire bottom area of the grill. To clean the bottom tray, remove the tray, and you can use a knife to scrape the grease into a garbage bag then use a paper towel to clean the liquid grease from the tray.

Use the towel and liquid cleaning solution to clean the sides and holdings of the drip tray. Wash the tray with hot water. Dry the tray completely before placing it inside the grill.

Clean the control panel 

The control panel is different for each grill but applies the same process of cleaning remove the knobs from the control panel, clean the knobs and panel with a towel, and then replace the knobs on the panel.


If you love to eat the smoky food grilled properly, then make sure the grill should be in proper working order. If you do not clean the grill regularly, then the burnt food particles will be difficult to remove. The taste of fresh barbeque food has no matches. You will enjoy the food which will be cooked on a perfectly cleaned grill.

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