How to Get Internet Access While Camping (7 Easy Methods)

Internet While CampingThe summertime is just around the corner, which means that camping will probably start soon. There are usually different purposes to the camping, meaning either you leave your smartphones and gadgets behind or you are a person that doesn’t want the camping to stop you from having to check the mails and other stuff.

The Internet is a luxury which is nowadays most important to each and every person, including me. We don’t want to live without it, or simply we cannot live without it. Hence, if you are like me who wants to check emails and do some online communications while camping, then there are many ways to go through in order to get internet access while camping.

Some of the mentioned methods might be free, while some of them might be the best value for money, and on the extreme ends, there are some satellite internet providers that cost a fortune.

Therefore, if you want to get the internet connectivity while camping just follow the seven options for connection to the internet, we have provided you with. They are sure so many other ways to go through, but the best ones are;

7 Methods To Get Internet Access While Camping

1. USB Internet:

Usb Internet

USB is one of the most efficient ways to get internet access for your own self while camping. Using the USB means having a mini router that you can plug into the laptop to get internet access like 3G and 4G.

The price range of this product is only from ten to fifty dollars, but mainly it depends on the package and internet usage. If you get to sign up for the contract to get the USB, there will be better packages on the ten to the fifty-dollar range.
There are basically two options, prepaid and postpaid. If you choose the postpaid option, you will have to pay later, which is, in some cases, more efficient. But before purchasing one, you should check out the coverage area of that internet connectivity.

2. Mobile Modems:

Mobile Modems

Just as the name suggests, mobile models are devices that can be used to provide internet connectivity to multiple devices. They are not so cheap than the USB, but they are still on the average rate as compared to the other internet providing services.

They are just the same as to the USB because you have to choose the carrier while purchasing it. There can even provide internet connectivity to your laptops, your tablets, and even your cell phones. There are prepaid and postpaid options that are beneficial to their specific cases.

The average rate of Mobile modems is from fifty to even two fifty dollars but mainly depends on internet usage or the prepaid and postpaid options.

3 .Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Wifi Hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are usually public internet connectivity areas. They are basically free because you don’t have to pay for them. But it is not all. You will have to leave the camping ground and find a wifi hotspot where you can use the internet.

There are minimum chances that you can find then in the woods while camping because it is not a public area. They are rather present at the café, bars, hotels and some public areas. But make sure to check both the 3G and 4G internet connectivity because 4G is less available then the 3G Wi-Fi hotspots.

4. Satellite Internet:

Satelite Internet

As we introduced you to the most extreme option of all the options that could provide you with internet connectivity while camping. The Satellite Internet is one of them because it is way costly than the average internet providing facilities. But with expenses comes ease because you don’t have to worry about any internet range or its connectivity because the internet will be available to you everywhere.
The average rate of Satellite Internet connectivity is on a minimum of 1,500 dollars, which is extremely expensive. But there is more to it. If you want to get the connectivity of internet satellite can provide you, then you have to pay sixty dollars on a monthly basis.

The problems don’t end here because you have to set it all up to your own self. There is a dish, and then there is its direction, which needs to be in the right direction to get internet access and its range.
The expenses are there, but you don’t have to look at the negative side only. On the positive side, if you can afford this satellite internet connectivity and you camp a lot, then this is the best option you can place your bet on.

5. Map out Public Wi-Fi:

Public Wi Fi

There are basically public Wi-Fi spots where you can get internet connectivity without any problem, but the main problem related to this is that you have to find that spot. The public Wi-Fi is definitely not provided to the jungle; therefore, you have to go and find them in hotels, bars, or even café.

But don’t be disappointed because at the campground there is public Wi-Fi available for you to use. The problem related to this is that it either has a low range or there are many people connected to them, which results in low internet speed. You just have to be lucky in order to get this connection.

6. Sim Provider:

Sim Provider

In case the public internet is not there, and you also cannot afford the satellite connectivity. Then, this here is your perfect partner because it is by far the best way to get internet connectivity if the signal strength is strong.
The internet is provided by the sim providers, which is available as long as the place as internet available by the carriers. The internet from sim if through packages which are pre-paid, or you can get postpaid, which means you can use it all you want and then pay its charges afterward.

Another good functionality of Sim provider is that they can be used to connect to other devices like smartphones and laptops or tablets through the use of its hotspot. The negative aspect is that it will drain the battery of the device that is giving the internet connectivity to other devices.

7. Campground Internet Access:

Campground Internet Access

Campgrounds nowadays have internet connectivity available because many people cannot live without the internet. Over eighty percent of campgrounds have internet access, which means that the rest might not have these incentives.

The average charges are not much because it costs around eight to fifteen dollars on average. But there is another cost added to it, which is the night stay cost.

Another issue with the internet from the campground is that it is somewhat used by many people, and it could also have low internet connectivity strength. Therefore, luck plays a major role while getting internet connectivity from the campgrounds.


Here you have it, the 7 Options for connected to the internet. But there are many other options you can look at too. There are some important things to notice in each of them. The internet coverage from Wi-Fi or hotspots provided by the carriers in depended on the coverage maps. Therefore, you have to look at the coverage maps too before signing it up.

Internet access from the carriers is not much reliable in the woods, meaning you would not get them all the time while camping. Therefore, if you are not reliable to the internet connectivity from carriers, you can go to public internet services or even so if you can afford the expenses, the best idea is to get the satellite internet connectivity.

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