How to Insulate Your Smoker – 4 Easy Steps

How To Insulate Your Smoker1

In a smoker, the heat and smoke are created by burning wood. There is no need to burn charcoal and gas. The food is simmered at low temperatures in the smoker. Many types of smokers are available, from hand made to ceramic outdoor ovens or small size smoker.

Insulation is necessary for a smoker to save the heat. If you do not insulate the smoker, then lots of temperature and heat will be lost. There may be chances that food may not cook properly, or it takes more time for cooking.

The main benefit of insulating a smoker is to create equal temperature for cooking. The temperature can be controlled and managed correctly. The smoker’s boundaries may become hot due to heat, and when you insulate it, then the kids will be protected from burning by touching the wall of the smoker.

In the winter season, when the temperature falls, you need to use the insulator to preserve the smoker’s heat and smoke.

4 Easy Methods to insulate the smoker

Different methods are used to insulate the smoker. We will discuss these methods below.

#1. Insulating jackets

The smoker manufacturer sells the insulation jacket. These jackets are formed in such a way that they can perfectly fit a specific model of the smoker.

The insulation jackets are made with aluminium or with silicon. They can retain heat and smoke properly. The outer wall is made of aluminium, or the inner layer is with stainless steel.

#2. Insulation blankets

Insulation blankets are another effective method to cover the smoker for saving the heat and smoke from leakage. The blanket has a two-layer one layer of an aluminium layer, and the other layer is of fabric.

The benefit of using this method is that you can use the one insulation blanket for any size of smoker.there is no need to purchase the new blanket for another smoker. Some blanket is made to cover the top of the smoker, and some are used to wrap the smoker around the two edges in this type the top will not be protected and then close the sides with Velcro closure feature.

In another type of blanket, wrap the blanket around the smoker several times. The blanket will stay on its weight do not need to strap it. you do not need to cover the firebox with the blanket

This method can be used to retain heat and smoke even in uncertain weather conditions. It works appropriately in the winter season to keep the temperature consistent in the smoker.  

#3. Welding blankets

Welding blankets are used in the same way as insulation blankets are used. But these blankets are different due to their thickness and their ability to tolerate the high temperature. The welding blankets protect the welder from heat and sparks.

These welding blankets retain the heat and save the person from heat who is using the smoker. The welding blankets are made with heat resistant material, and inorganic.some blankets are made with fibreglass. The blankets can tolerate the temperature from 300 to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

You need to wrap the blankets around the smoker many times and then tightly close the blanket to prevent the firebox from covering. The blanket will stay on the smoker by its heavyweight.

#4. Cement board

The cement board method is the only method that is used inside the firebox. The blankets and jackets are used to cover the firebox from outside. The cement board wall is made of iron, silica chalk clay, and limestone. The cement board is the chemical mixture of calcium aluminium, silicon, iron, and other ingredients.  

These materials tolerate the high temperature and retain the heat properly to cook food perfectly. First, measure the wall size inside the firebox, then write the measurements, cut the same size’s cement board, and fix it inside the smoker.

You need to check out the ingredients, which are used in making the cement board. You should ask the manufacturer to confirm that it is safe to use the cement board near the food. If the food absorbs the chemicals from cement, then it will be harmful to eat such food. When you are satisfied with the ingredients, then fit the cement board inside the smoker.


Smokers are the source of eating smoky flavoured food with family, food is cooked in the smoker at low temperature, and takes time to cook. If we use the insulator like jackets and blankets and cement boards, the food will be cooked quickly.

You can use any method to insulate your grill. Choose the method according to your need and size of the smoker. But we can suggest you use the insulation blanket method. You can use the same blanket for any size of the smoker. You need to be careful while placing the blanket on the smoker.  

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