How to turn Gas Grill into Smoker | Complete Guide

How To Turn Gas Grill Into Smoker1Today we discuss a famous topic on how to convert my Gas grill into a smoker that is true the gas grill is not built for smoking but with some Patience and hardworking you will know how to convert your gas grill into a smoker. Many people want to make their food with smoking, but they have no smoker but if you convert your gas grill into a smoker that’s mean are the different temperatures inside of the grill, and you can cook the food with indirect heat. In this post, you learn the simple ways to convert your gas grill into a smoker very easily.

 How to turn Gas Grill into Smoker (8 Easy Steps)


Step1: Soaked the wood chips 

Soaked The Wood Chips

Before turning your gas grill into a smoker, take a bowl and fill it with wood chips pour water and fill it and soak your wood chips for at least 25 to 30 minutes before cooking.

Step2: Remove the Cooking Grates

Remove The Cooking Grates

The most important thing is to remove the cooking Grates to turn into a smoker, remove the grates and clean it properly and before the cooking season the grill. If you have a 4, 6, or 8 burner gas grill that is very good for you because the food cook with indirect heat, and when your half gas burner is turned on, so it is easily providing you 250 to 300 F temperature for indirect cooking so remove all the grates gently and create huge space inside of the grill for putting some things in it and start the next session.

Step3: Place a Tray of Water 

When you remove all the grates at the one side of the grill place a tray which is full fill with cold water beneath the side of the grill which water tray you will place in the grill That’s mean the water maintains the temperature of the grill and the meat gets juicy with the steam of the water.

Step4: Place an Aluminum Tray in the Grill 

After the place, the tray of water another side places an Aluminum Disposable tray underneath of the grill and fills it with soaked wood chips which are soaked in a bowl before turning the gas grill into a smoker. The wood chips are used to gets a more smoky delicious flavor for the meat. And the second-best thing of soaked wood chips is this takes time to burn, so you do not need to add the wood chips in the grill again and again.

Step5: Replace the Cooking Grates

Now you will need the replace the grill grates on the other side of the water tray and Aluminum wood chips tray because if you place the cooking grill on the upper side of the aluminum tray and the burners it is the cause of burns your food so put the cooking grill another side of the gas grill after all your food is cooks with indirect heat, so the opposite side is perfect for indirect heat and 250 to 300 F temperature.

Step6: Turn on the burners

After place, all the things in its order underneath the side of the grill then closed the lid turn on the burner and control the temperature with the knob or digital panel screen according to the cooking temperature of the food and let it give up around 20 to 30 minutes for preheating. You will need to use a 2 burner gas grill because it provides you with good temperature according to the need.

Step7: Use the Cooking Thermometer

After preheating the grill checked the temperature with the help of a cooking thermometer, you can use Probe Thermometer. This is very easy to use because it is a Bluetooth thermometer just plug in the meat and check temperature easily. Professional chefs also use this thermometer. You also used different types of thermometer to measure the temperature according to your need.

Step8: Cook the food in the gas smoker grill

After done all the session season the grill with oil now loads the marinade meat in the smoker grill and allows it for a slow cooker. The different smoked flavor taste will be improved within after complete the cooking the different meats takes different time to cook properly. If your meat is half cooked so cover it with an aluminum foil or with a paper to prevent extra moisture of water.

After cooking the meat cut into slices and enjoying with smoked flavor and with some sauces.

Questions And Answers


Can you turn a gas grill into a smoker?

with some patience and hardworking, you can easily convert your gas grill into a smoker and enjoy the smoky flavor meat.

How do I use my grill as a smoker?

Remove cooking grates place a tray of water, and a wood chips tray beneath the side of the grill close the lid turn on the burner, and wait for preheating now you can use it as a smoker.

Can you leave a smoker on overnight?

If you can smoke the meat overnight you will need to monitor it this is never safe to leave any kind of grill for s long time especially Electric Grill because it is causing of short circuit.

How do you keep the temperature upon a smoker?

If your temperature is above 250 to 300 F so turn off the burner close the lid properly and reduce the amount of the oxygen than your temperature is automatically reduced. And the same case if your temperature is low down of 250 F so open the lid allow to come more oxygen and increase the temperature.

Why does my smoked meat turn black?

The Smoke stuck and Dissolve on the meats and change the color while you are cooks your food.

What meat can you smoke in 4 hours?

Different meat takes different time, and different temperatures for the cook but the chicken and baby back ribs take 4 hours for the smoke.


In conclusion, you know how to set up your gas grill into a smoker easily just follow these simple steps you can easily change your gas grill into a smoker and prepare your food with smoky flavor after cooking just cut the meat into slices and enjoy with drinks and different sauces with your family. Now you have not second thought of cooking between Charcoal Grill and Gas Grill when you know how to change your grill into a smoker. Kindly leave your opinion in the comment section.


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