How to use an electric smoker | Complete Guide of 2021

Are you using your electric smoker for the first time? Do not worry about its working because it works very quickly? If you bought a charcoal smoker and a gas smoker, its working story changes instead of an electric smoker. You are fortunate if your smoker has a digital temperature controller because it is easy to use.

How to use an electric smoker

Setup Your Electric Smoker

Setup your Electric smoker

First thing, do you need to make sure that your grill is set up in a flat and safe place because it sometimes causes the fire.

Season your Electric Smoker

If electric, charcoal, or gas smoker is brand new, you will need to season it. For the seasoning, dip a cloth in the vegetable cooking oil and gently rub on the racks and interior.

Turn on during seasoning

When you rub oil on the interior and racks, turn on the power switch and closed the door, lock the hock, and rest for a couple of hours.

Turn Off Electric Smoker

After seasoning, turn off the power button open the smoker’s door and dry properly before the meals. Some smokers do not need seasoning, but if you season your smoker it will remove all the dust and it work-friendly. You should need only once time to strengthen your smoker when it is brand new.

Turn on the electric smoker for the set temperature

Don’t forget plugging in it before switch on the power button and set it according to your need in which temperature is needed to cook your meals.

Wood chips tray

Most models come with the chips tray, located on the right side of the electric smoker. Pull the tray and add chips in it and replace it. Wood chips used to add smoked flavor in your meet.

Preheat the Electric Smoker

Before cooking, Preheat your electric smoker if your smoker has a digital control panel to set your temperature very easy to touch on the up and down button to increase or decrease your temperature according to your need. For manual smokers, rotate the knob to set the temperature.

Place Water Container in the Smoker 

Place a water container on the bottom side of the electric smoker. It is maintaining your temperature and some time grease and oil drip on the bottom from the marinade meat, which is causing fire, and the container of water is saving the smoker from the danger of fire.

Season the Meat

Marinade your meat such as chicken, mutton, beef, and which heart is you liked with the dry spices and cooking oil leaves for the overnight because it gives you a more flavorful meal.

Place meat on the racks of the smoker

With the help of a tong and a spatula, transfer the beef on the shelves inside the electric smoker and close the door, lock the hook with cloth because the door is hot, and burn your hand if you touch with your bare hands. 

Add Wood Chips in the Smoker’s Tray

During the cooking period, add the soaked wood chips in the smoker’s tray, pull back the tray and load the wood chips in the tray around 3 to 4 cups and replace it because if you add more wood chips, you do not need to add the wood again and again. If you add soaked wood chips, it adds the properly smoked flavor in your food.

How to Clean Your Electric Smoker

How To Clean Your Electric Smoker

Unplugged the Smoker

After used your electric smoker when you clean the smoker unplugged it and let it cool down the interior and racks properly. Suppose you are failure to unplugged the smoker, so it is the risk of the short circuit.

Remove the Accessories

Removed the racks, wood chip tray, water container, and other things from the electric smoker and clean with a damp cloth. Scrub the racks with the scrubbing brush and a bright scotch pad and removed the stubborn and gently rub a sponge mixture of water and dishwasher on the interior, and clean with water. Clean all access water with a dry towel. If you do not use a dry cloth to clean the access water, open the door and dry with air.


Can I use my Electric Smoker without Season?

Yes, you can use your electric smoker without seasoning if it is older, but if you can buy a brand new smoker like charcoal, gas, and electric, you will need the season. Because seasoning removes the dust and its work is well.

Do you soak wood chips for the electric smoker?

Yes, you can use soaked wood chips for the Electric smoker because dry wood burns very quickly, so you will need to use soaked wood chips in the electric smoker. It gets to take time to burn and provides a more smoky flavor.

How often do you add wood chips in the electric smoker?

Some electric smoker has a small capacity to add wood chips.1 cup of Wood chips generally stays in the smoker around 4 to 5 hours. So when it is near to finish, you can also add more wood chips with your hands’ help. 

Should I leave the vent open on the Electric Smoker?

Yes, you can open the vents when you add the smoke flavor to your meat.

Can I use an Electric Smoker inside? 

Yes, you can use an electric smoker inside if you do not have fuel or a gas smoker.

Can I use dry wood chips in the Electric smoker?

Dry wood chips very quick to burn, so I can not recommend using the dry wood chips in the electric smoker.

Do I need to add water to my Electric smoker?

Yes, you need to add to some water in a container in the electric smoker. It will help adjust your temperature.

Can I clean the inside of an electric smoker?

Yes, but before cleaning, make sure your smoker is unplugged after plugging; you can clean your interior of the electric smoker’s inside with a damp cloth.

Thick white smoke is a good sign for me?

When you have seen a thick white smoke, it is not a good sign for you because it means the wood burns too quickly.

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