Nomad Grills and Smoker Review | Is it worth it?

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At first appearance, the portable Nomad Grill and Smoker resembles the Secret Service’s nuclear football case or a top-secret Mac Pro, which only the most tech-savvy have entrance to! This tiny grill and smoker packs a lot of cooking power into its box, causing a stir among campers and wilderness cooks who prefer charcoal. As a result, it’s quickly becoming a go-to for quick outdoor cooking.

Instead of adding technology, Nomad has employed sophisticated industrial programs to make it portable and easy to pack. All while maintaining a popular charcoal-based cooking method that caters to chefs of all ages and abilities!

Suppose you know anything about my fondness for Blackstone Griddles, one of its most significant flaws is their lack of actual smoking. It can do, but it’s more complex and not meant for it.

Nomad Grills and Smoker


nomad grills and smoker review

A Few Words on Nomad

Thanks to John Veatch and Cam Legget, the Nomad grill took three years to build. The grill was released in July of 2020 to make one that “wouldn’t rust or break apart mid-adventure.”Tired of the same-old portable cookers, the Dallas-based couple spent time developing one of the best, safest, and most inventive portable grills and smokers on the market today.

Nomad has realized its ambition by creating a portable grill and smoker featuring cutting-edge materials, magnetism, and a new grill and preparing a food box design that will revolutionize outdoor cooking!

Size and Weight of the Nomad Grill and Smoker

It is a high-end product, and Nomad has gone to great lengths to create beautifully packed portable cooking equipment. This barbecue is relatively tiny compared to hauling a full-size grill and, given the amenities, weighs only 28 pounds with the container and stainless steel grill.

This device provides an excellent cooking area, with 212 inches of cooking surface in the closed single grating mode for smoldering or 425 square inches for grilled if you add the extra grating and some additional coal.

When closed, the Nomad measures around 2 feet by 2 feet and 9.5 inches and has a strengthened handle and a sturdy dual-latch locking system. It also includes two magvent air controllers on either side to control airflow and flames and silicon skids on the bottom to protect it from damage when placing it down.

This grill may appear hefty at 28 pounds with the container and stainless steel grill, but it’s surprisingly tiny compared to hauling a full-size barbecue and considering the amenities.

The Nomad Grill And Smoker’s Features

The Nomad is constructed of sturdy, lightweight aircraft-grade metals with a corrosion-resistant aluminum exterior and unibody aluminum cook boxes. The stainless steel magnetic grating and the gasket-free closing lids that keep heat in and rain out are included.

The Nomad locks, sides, and grips are made of food-grade silicone, which can resist temperatures as high as 550° Fahrenheit and provide additional safety for surfaces and cooks!

Simplicity meets design, and the result is fantastic!

The Nomad appears to be a metal casing from the surface, yet it conceals a clever and well-thought-out design. The unit’s protective multilayer casing keeps it from becoming too hot, which is ideal for chef safety and to be safe.

The case’s compactness and the fact that nothing inside rattles about during transit are huge benefits! You’ll love the Nomad if you’ve ever heard your present portable barbecue rattle about in the trunk. Because of the Nomad’s robust construction, you can set it up almost anyplace, and as long as the surface is flat, you won’t have to worry about it tumbling over when the coals are starting to heat up.

Nomad has indeed been able to detach the cook boxes from the outside shell using a patent-pending idea dubbed ‘SurfaceSafe,’ enabling them to be put and utilized safely on diverse surfaces such as plastics, wood, as well as the tailgate without causing harm.

Its rugged design and anodized aluminum shell give it the grit of an old cowboy, even if thrown on rocks or bricks — the stones, not the Nomad, are more likely to experience! One of the ingenious ideas is to employ magnets to restrict the grill from sliding around during transportation, especially on those bumpier routes.

It’s readily detachable, as you’d expect, but it also locks into position on the grill to provide a sturdy cooking surface.

Thermal Architecture of the Future

It is an authentic old-style charcoal barbecue that requires the ability to cook over coal without using technology or applications to start it or provide temperature information.

One of the most significant disadvantages of portable steel cookers is that the surfaces you cook on must be able to handle the heat generated by the range. It appears that Nomad, based in Dallas, Texas, has overcome that problem!

Using the Nomad on hardwood tables will be a breeze because the protective casing keeps the outside temperature much lower than the inside; using the Nomad on hardwood tables will be a breeze! Yes, you read that correctly. You can cook on hardwood tables with this charcoal grilling system, neither burning nor harming!

That says a lot about the state of the shell, knowing how hot charcoal becomes!

The seal is another outstanding element. It’s so effective that it retains the warmth and prevents the rains out! Raining on a hot smoker or grill may quickly ruin your food, but Nomad’s seal technology is unconcerned!

Not just that, but covering the vents on the exterior and shutting the grill effectively extinguishes the coals, leaving huge bits of valuable coal after it’s cooled! Grilling brings people together and slows down the pace of life, and the look of this magnificent grill is sure to have people talking.

As a smoker, how does the Nomad fare?

In the United States, smoking meat is a long-standing and much-loved ritual. Smoking is an art form, and the flavor of adequately smoked meats is a distinct culture. The Nomad succeeds brilliantly in this quest, providing outstanding taste and flavor. One of the most acceptable characteristics of the grill is its closeness to the coals, which enables the coal to contribute an authentic taste to the meat.

Controlling smoke using the side vents is straightforward, and temperature may be checked and regulated. The side vents make it simple to adjust the temperature to fit your cooking method, allowing smoking in the Nomad a pleasure.

The Nomad is so well-made and functional that you’ll want to keep it around for a long time.

Is It Easy To Clean The Nomad?

Nomad’s architects have studied every potential aspect while making this fantastic product, and cleanliness is no exception. When cleansing several other ‘pellet-style designs, there is a significant risk of spewing hot ash upon yourself and the lawn.

Cleansing the ash is as simple as using the grill with the Nomad! To begin with, the unit’s gasket-free closure keeps the ashes confined until you return home and securely dispose of them. No ashes will leak even if the case is within the truck since it shuts and locks everything in there.

Alternatively, you may let the grill snuff out the embers and cool off if you’re staying the night. You open it after you’re sure you’ve done it safely and eliminate any solid charcoal particles. The ashes can then be brushed out of the deep cook box with a hand whisk or sucked out with a portable vacuum (if you have one).

After that, clean the grates and box with a moist towel and let them dry thoroughly. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that!

Cooking Isn’t As Hasty As It Used To Be With The Nomad.

Although some people would prefer a quick-cooking alternative, such as turning on the gas and rapid cooking, the Nomad harkens to a simpler time when things moved more slowly. Like a coal-fired BBQ, the Nomad takes the edge off and lets people relax and connect with nature while chatting.

The Nomad is ideal for RV campers, trekkers, and other outdoor adventurers who want to settle down and cook. Trying your best grilling or smoking freshly cooked game or fish contributes to the outdoor life, and the Nomad fits in well as the ‘consider taking’ stove.

Regardless of the lack of sophistication on the surface, the Nomad’s interior innovation offers it a technical advantage, delivering features and alternatives that result from the technology utilized in its design and building.

Nomad’s small design, gasket-free sealing, revolutionary magnetic vents, and grill illustrate the company’s profound grasp of what makes outdoor cooking efficient and straightforward. This well-conceived and constructed cooker are driven by a desire to create a fantastic product.

What is the price of the Nomad?

With these design elements, materials, and advancements, the Nomad is a luxury portable grill and smoker with a similar price tag. One element that may surprise some is the price of the Nomad Grill, which is $599. Many people may balk at this price and choose a less expensive but less efficient device.

Consider how much time you could spend outside without worrying about burning materials, ash disposal, or the possibility of burning your automobile or other parts of yourself.


If you don’t appreciate mobility, durability, excellent design, and the natural slowing of grilling, the Nomad may not be the cooker for you. We ranked the Nomad as the #1 Outdoor Portable Smoker for Camping for all reasons.

It has ample room for all of your culinary needs, is highly portable, anodized for corrosion resistance, easy to clean, and can be used for grilling and smoking. If you’re wary of lugging huge, unwieldy grills on your hikes, the trash, clean up, or the effort to locate a suitable surface to cook on when you’re outside, the Nomad is well worth the money.

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