Offset Smoker Vs Weber Smoky Mountain | Which is Best For You?

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Nothing can beat the taste of meat cooked low and slow over the smoker. If you love to eat smoky food, then you must use an offset smoker. This article will compare two different types of smokers, offset smokers and Weber smoky mountain.

Offset smokers

Offset smokers are also known as a barrel, side firebox, horizontal smokers. With an offset smoker, you can cook delicious smoky meat. The offset smoker has two different-sized cylinders. The small boxes are called the firebox, and it is offset lower than the large box. This box guides the rising smoke towards the larger box, also named as oven or cooking space. This smoke circulates in a large container to cook the meat.

In offset smoker to adjust the temperature by adjusting the air inflow and outflow. Open the vents to allow more oxygen, and fire will burn faster and hotter.

Weber smoky mountain

This smoker was first manufactured in 1981. This was of simple design. Then the company works on its different tools to increase the performance of the smoker. It is also known as a vertical offset smoker. If you have a limited place, then you can place it in a small place. Wood and charcoal are used to produce heat and smoke to cook food. It has a water bowl that is placed between the grilling grates and the smoking chamber. This bowl helps you to control the temperature of food.

Inside the smoker, there are two large cooking grates, and the small door is fixed for adding more charcoal and wood.

The second portion consists of a firebox you will place the charcoal or wood in this area. There are also dampers to control the heat and smoke.

The last portion including the temperature gauge and domed lid. This will allow you to control the temperature easily.

Offset Smoker Vs Weber Smoky Mountain: A Detailed Comparison

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker

Oklahoma Joe’s longhorn offset smoker with a large cooking surface of 751 square inches, and it also comes with 309 square inches of secondary cooking space in the firebox. The smoker with 4 baffles to direct heat and smoke through the main chamber for delicious cooking results.

The baffles under the porcelain coated grill grates high and even heat to the cooking chamber—the charcoal basket of large size for increased burn and quick cleanup. The side door allows you to stoke the fire instead of the opening chamber lid.

Oklahoma Joe’s front wire mesh shelf is great to use for food and accessories, and the bottom shelf allows you to place the charcoal wood or any other fuel.

Two large wagon-style wheels for easy portability. The warming rack on the firebox gives more space for food warming—a built-in id temperature gauge for accurate temperature reading. The heat and smoke can also be controlled with multiple dampers. Cool-touch handles prevent your hands from heat and helps to move them easily.


  • Works with Dampers to adjust the heat and smoke
  • Firebox door to stoke the fire
  • Front and bottom shelves for more increased workspace
  • Porcelain-coated wire cooking grates are rust-resistant and easy to clean
  • Cool-touch handles for hands protection against heat
  • Large wagon-style wheels 
  • Primary cooking area of 751 square inches and secondary surface with 309 square inches
  • The firebox with a large charcoal basket to manage the fuel and a small clean outdoor


  • High-quality construction
  • Consistent temperature across all sides of the smoker
  • Large firebox


  • Difficult to clean reverse flow baffles
  • Heat and Smoke leakage

Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

Weber’s smoky mountain cooker is also known as a vertical smoker. The lid and bowl are coated with porcelain enameled. The finishing of the smoker is done to prevent rusting, cracking, and peeling. Its two cooking grates are enough to smoke two large pieces of meat at once.

The dampers are installed to adjust the temperature of the smoker. If you close the dampers, then no flow of oxygen, and it will help to extinguish the fire. Easy to check the temperature with a silicone temperature grommet. It is easy to add charcoals and wood from the fuel door without lifting the domed lid.

The water bowl helps to adjust the temperature, and also it helps moisture to heat. The strong metal legs are rust-resistant.


  • Easy to add fuel from removable fuel door
  • Two cooking grates where you can cook large pieces like turkey and layers of rib
  • The porcelain-enameled lid and bowl retain heat and are easy to clean
  • Precise temperature control with the help of dampers
  • Water pan for moisture and heat control


  • Large fuel capacity
  • Easy to use
  • A durable and high-quality smoker


  • The side door is of thin material
  • It does not have wheels and handles to move it

Difference between Oklahoma Joe’ vs Weber 22-inch smoky mountain

PerformanceOffset SmokerWeber Smoky Mountain
Total cooking area1060 square inches 726 square inches
Fuelcharcoal charcoal
Weight226 pounds 68 pounds
Cooking grate materialPorcelain coated Steel plated
Dimensions35.5×64.25×55.5 inches 24×23×48.5 inches
Check Price Check Price

Cooking surface

The Weber 22″ cooking surface of 726 square inches the Oklahoma Joe’s with 1060 square inches total cooking surface. Weber 22″ does not come with more cooking space than offset smoker if you have to serve a large number of friends, then offset smoker will be ideal for you.


The temperature control system of Weber smoky mountain is easier than offset smoker, and you have to check the temperature again and again. There may be heat and smoke leakage if the door is not sealed properly.


There is a big difference in the prices of both smokers. If you check the price of a Weber smoker, it will be available at a reasonable price in the market, and the price of offset smokers is high.

Easy to use

Weber 22” is easy to use. You have to learn the method of cooking before using an offset smoker. It is best to practice for some time .you can cook food with Weber 22” without any experience.


We will conclude by saying whether you buy offset smoker and Weber, it should fulfill your requirements. The food cooked on smokers will be of a different taste.

You should get proper knowledge of smokers before buying a new smoker from the market. We will recommend you to buy a Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, and it is available at an affordable price with high-quality performance.

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