Pit Boss vs Masterbuilt Electric Smoker | Which Smoker is Best For You?

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a pro at BBQ, things can be mastered, and food can be cooked to perfection if a person is provided with the right tools and equipment. Markets are flooded with a lot of electric and gas smokers, but some of them stand out with their amazing quality and unique features that are very distinct from the others. Masterbuilt has introduced its 40 inch Bluetooth digital electric smoker that has been largely bought by the customers and is featured as a high rated product.

On the contrary, pit boss has featured 77435 Vertical Lp gas smoker with its aesthetic design and phenomenal red color. Both of them have their own characteristic features that distinguish them from one another. A comparison of both the smokers is dropped down here to help you choose the best smoker.

Pit Boss vs Masterbuilt Electric Smoker: Reviews

PIT BOSS 77435 Vertical Lp Gas Smoker, Red

Alongside electric smokers, gas smokers are also very in nowadays. Unlike electric smokers, they have a plus point of adding a good smoky flavor to the food, and hence they appeal to the grill freaks. Pit boss is a company that is working around the clock to provide its customers the best grills and smokers. They have introduced this Pitt Boss 77435 Vertical gas smoker that, with its amazing features, has caught the attention of customers around the globe.

Here are listed some prominent features of Pit Boss 77435 gas smoker.

Vertical Gas Smoker:

Generally, food is cooked by two methods. One is the conduction method, in which food is cooked by placing it directly onto a heated panel. The other one is the convection method, in which heated air circulates inside the cooking chamber. Food is placed in the chamber on specialized racks. Food is cooked from the inside by this hot air. A smoky flavor is also added to the food, which enhances its flavor. A vertical gas smoker is a type of smoker that works using the convection method.

Porcelain Coated Cooking Grids:

Cooking grids are coated with porcelain. Porcelain-coated surfaces are rust proof and aid in easy cleaning the racks.

Large Cooking Surface:

The smoker features three cooking grids of 800 sq. inch. A good amount of food can be cooked on these three cooking racks at the same time due to their large surface area.

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Dual Burner System:

The dual burner system of this grill provides a temperature range from 100-350 degrees Fahrenheit. Food can be cooked at any temperature inside this range.

Burners and grease tray:

The smoker has stainless steel burners with a total of 12,500 BTUs. A grease tray is also featured in the smoker that collects the excess grease. This also helps in the easy cleaning.


  • Easy to use
  • the Cleaning process is easy
  • No heat loss during the addition of wood chips


  • Needs large area to be stored due to larger size.

Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker, 40 inch, Stainless Steel

Masterbuilt MB20074719 holds iconic features, which makes it one of the best electric smokers. With its Bluetooth smart technology, interior light illumination, built-in meat probe thermometer, patented side wood chip loading system, it features all of the advanced features that must be present in a good smoker.

Bluetooth Smart Technology:

One of the major breakthroughs in the field of technology is smart technology featuring a Bluetooth control system. Masterbuilt MB20074719 has been introduced in the market with its smart Bluetooth control system. All you need to do is, install an app on your smart device, and you can control the smoker through that device without walking towards the smoker yourself. This feature has made the smoker very easy and handy to be monitored.

Digital Control Panel:

On the top of the smoker, there is a digital control panel. This digital control panel shows the food’s temperature, whether it is low, moderate, or high temperature. All the advanced features and cooking temperatures are displayed on this panel. Users can very easily select and modify them.

Patented Side Wood Chip Loading System:

It is required to add the wood chips to the smoker during the cooking process at regular intervals. But if you open the lid of the smoker, again and again, heat will be lost. This loss of heat may cause the food to take more time for cooking. To avoid this, the smoker features a small exclusive side chamber that can be slid out, and wood chips are loaded into it. It serves the purpose and proves beneficial in conserving the heat and not losing it.

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Built-in Meat Probe Thermometer:

The smoker has a built-in meat probe thermometer that shows the temperature of the substance being cooked in the smoker.

Chrome coated smoking racks:

Masterbuilt MB20074719 contains 4 chrome coated smoking racks. Chrome coated racks mean that a thin layer of chromium electroplates the metal racks. This chrome coating facilitates easy cleaning of the smoking racks and also prevents the smoker from catching rust and being corroded. It moreover makes the smoker tough and durable.

Removable Water Bowl:

The smoker has a removable water bowl to add moisture to the food, making the food more flavorful.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Bluetooth makes it easier to operate


  • You may have to sometimes manually check the temperature while cooking.

Comparison Table:

PerformanceMASTERBUILT MB20074719PIT BOSS 77435
Smoker typeElectric SmokerGas Smoker
Cooking panels 43
BTUs-12,500 BTUs
Coating typeChrome coatedPorcelain coated
Grease tray-Present
Source Electric Gas
Wood chips loading systemA wood chip loading system that can be slid outExternal access to wood chips


Both smokers have their own unique features. You can take guidance from the above-given information. All the features are explained in detail. You can choose the smoker according to your own preferences keeping in mind all the aspects that you want from a smoker and what it actually provides, keeping in view its pros and cons.

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