Primo vs Kamado Joe | Which is Right For You?

If you have a passion for cooking, then you have to invest in a grill that can fulfil all your grilling needs. Forget about the all traditional grills invest in the new oval-shaped kamado grills. The Kamado grill is a versatile and innovative grill that can be used as a grill smoker and oven. The outer wall of the kamado grill is made up of thick ceramic. The kamado grill divides and conquers feature allow us to cook many types of food at different temperatures.

Primo grill is similar to Kamado grill the Primo grill also with an oval-shaped design allows you to cook food in two different cooking zones. This grill is available in different sizes. Grill bake and roast in this multi-function grill.

Comparison of Kamado Joe vs Primo

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Charcoal Grill, 18 inches, Blaze Red Primo 7400 Charcoal Grill, Junior, Black
Cooking surface:256 square inches with 18” diameter Cooking surface:210 square inches




Versatility: multiple options for cooking grilling baking and smoking Versatility: you can use it as a grill smoker and bake.
material: constructed with stainless steel ceramic Material: porcelain-coated cooking grates, stainless steel  draft door
Weight:250 pounds Weight:145pounds
Color: red Color: black
Temperature gauge: temperature control dial to adjust the heat Temperature gauge: yes

Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Charcoal Grill, 18 inch, Blaze Red Reviews

The Kamado Joe with a size of 18″ with a grilling surface of 256 square inches and a strong cast iron cart with sturdy locking caster wheels.

The Kamado Joe, with the unique feature of divide and conquer change the grill grate into the most powerful cooking tool. Its revolutionary half-moon design allows you to cook food in two different cooking zones. You can grill food on a different level at different temperatures at the same time.

This Kamado Joe is designed efficiently to retain the heat and juicy flavour in food. The control tower top vent to adjust the airflow while moving the dome shape lid. You can move the vent on any side to adjust the air inflow and outflow. 

You can use this Kamado Joe grill for grilling baking and smoker. Make pizza burgers, fry veggies fish and meat, and much more easily with this versatile grill.

The outer thick ceramic walls lock the flavour and smoke in the grill. The top vent is constructed with the powder-coated cast aluminium material which is weather and mould resistant and allows you to set the heat level from 225F to 750F.

The wire mesh gasket seal is made with fibreglass to lock the smoke and flavour of the meat: the stainless steel latch to lock the lid and the side tables for placing the utensils and accessories.

The grill domed shape lid can be lifted with a single finger. You can reduce the dome weight by 96% with the patented airlift hinge. 

The ash collector catches the ash and can be removed for cleaning. The Kamado grill is available in an advanced multipanel six-piece design to ensure that it will not break and melt due to high heat.

  • the thick ceramic walls with domed shape lid to retains the heat and flavour
  • use it for smoking baking and grilling
  • the top vent to control the airflow for getting the desired temperature. 
  • the firebox to retain heat
  • are lift hinge makes opening and closing of the grill easy and the dome weight will be reduced by 96%
  • 2-tier divide and conquer for making multiple foods at a different temperature setting
  • stainless steel lock to retain the heat and flavour in the meat
  • cast iron cart with strong locking caster wheels
  • the unique half-moon design can be changed into a full-size grate if necessary 
  • different cooking zones
  • better hinge
  • consume less charcoal
  • it is good for grilling smoking and baking
  • the lid opening mechanism works great to open the grill with two fingers easily
  • rust resistant
  • side tables and ash collector
  • upgraded interior system
  • Assembling is difficult and time-consuming
  • Small size wheels to move this heavy grill

Primo 7400 Charcoal Grill, Junior, Black Reviews

The grilling baking, roasting, and smoking of food are easy with the help of the primo 7400 charcoal grill. The grill provides two zones for cooking. The grill is constructed with ceramics and porcelain-coated cooking grates that can retain superior heat and moisture.

The primo 7400 all in one grill come with fold-down side tables and ash tool. The unique feature of primo is two zones of the cooking system for direct and indirect cooking. You can make steaks on the direct heat side and the fish or seafood on the indirect side where the temperature is low.

You can make the seafood at a low temperature of 150F or can cook a piece of meat at a high temperature of 850F.

The primo grills will be ready to cook in 15 minutes. The primo grills are weather and rust-resistant. Enjoy the camping and outdoor parties with the primo 7400 charcoal grill. 

The high grade of ceramic is used for the highest heat and smoke retention. The Primo grills used less charcoal and reached your desired temperature in less time.

This grill is made in the USA. The locking caster wheels for moving the reversible cooking grate and the thermometer are given for making it a user-friendly grill. 

  • Two zones of cooking system
  • The top vent to manage the airflow
  • Ashtray to collect the ash
  • Cast iron cart with Locked wheels
  • Changeable cooking grates
  • Grate lifter
  • Side tables can be folded to increase the workspace
  • A limited lifetime warranty is given for ceramic parts.
  • The cooking surface of 210 square inches 
  • The thermometer on top to check the heat level during grilling
  • Oval shape design to retain the flavour in a better way
  • Easy to assemble the primo grill
  • The grill can be used for baking smoking and grilling
  • You can set the temperature more precisely
  • You need to purchase the many accessories
  • Cleaning is difficult


Both grill Kamado Joe and primo 7400 have the advance features. But the Kamado Joe grill due to its unique feature of divide and conquer wins the battle. You can make food at different levels with different temperatures at the same time. The Kamado Joe has an ash catcher for easy cleaning and the top vent system to adjust the air. 

The primo grill features two different zones of direct and indirect cooking. It can be assembled easily. temperature gauge side tables and locking wheels are given for more functionality.

The Kamado Joe will be our pick due to its distinctive feature of divide and conquer. You should check the price, warranty and other features of both grills then decide and buy the grill which can give you benefit for a long period of time.

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