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When you make a plan with friends to go camping, then you need a camp stove. Suppose you are searching the market to buy a smokeless stove with different features and innovative design. In that case, you have to consider the two largest brands of fire pit Solo stove and Biolite fire pit.

We will try to discuss their features pros and cons in detail so you can get information about both brands and their stoves.

Solo Stove vs Biolite: Comparison

Solo Stove Yukon with Stand Fire Pit Combo Bundle – Largest 27 inch Wood

Solo stove fire pits allow you to enjoy the low smoke fire at any place. Efficient and smokeless burn than traditional firepits. It is the best fire pit popular due to its high-quality material and durability. Safe fire pit to use on any deck. It comes with a stand that works as a heat barrier.

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The cylindrical and compact design fire pit with bottom vent holes. It starts easily in just five minutes and can burn for a long time. Double-wall design increases the airflow, and the burning process bottom vent holes allow oxygen to come, and the double-wall warm the air and throw the hot air over the fire, hence reducing smoke without using the battery. The solo stove burns smokeless therefore no need to worry about the smell of smoke. You can enjoy the fire with friends.


  • A fire pit that burns smokeless with the law of thermodynamics
  • It comes with a solo stove stand to place the fire pit on more heat-sensitive surfaces like wood decks and the floor of your backyard
  • Double-wall design enhances the burning process, and bottom holes allow oxygen to come in.
  • No need to spend time assembling the fire pit
  • Fire starts quickly and burns in an efficient way
  • Sturdy and designed to create a great ambiance
  • Safe to place on all types of decks
  • It does not include handles to move it
  • Expensive

BioLite FirePit+ Outdoor Smokeless Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit and Grill

Enjoy the winter season with a wood campfire without smoke. With a single charge of the battery, enjoy the burn for 24 hours. The battery can be charged with a USB or solar carry case(sold separately). The flames are also controllable manually or with BioLite’s Bluetooth app.

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The fire pit can hold four standard firewoods that can be watched from its mesh body. The fire pit is coated with black enamel and also comes with a grill grate for hibachi-style grilling. 4 speeds of fan allow you to control the flames. It comes with carrying handles and folding legs for easy portability.


  • Biolite produces the flames and smokeless fire with the help of a fan. that fan is attached to the yellow device.
  • The speed of the fan is fully controllable to adjust the fire higher the speed make the fire stronger
  • Dual fuel system you can use charcoal or firewood if you want to cook with charcoal, then attach the fuel rack 
  • The X-ray mesh on all sides of the fire pit gives you a 360 view to watch the flame
  • Control the size of your flames with the Bluetooth app on your mobile
  • Designed for easy carrying and handling
  • The adjustable fan keeps the flames under control
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Thin metal
  • Complaints about the fire pit rusting

Difference Between Solo stove vs Biolite

PerformanceSolo Stove Yukon BioLite FirePit
Weight25 pounds 22.4 pounds
Dimensions27×27×16 inches 27.56×13.78×17.72 inches
Fuelwood wood
Materialstainless steel steel
usesbackyard/camping camping/home
Check Price Check Price

Uses of fire pits 

The solo stove fire pit is best for camping at home and for outdoor activities. For example, you can take the solo stove for road rips. There will be no smoke, and only fine ash will be left and easy to clean up.

However, BioLite can be used for cooking as well as for camping purposes. It comes with a grill grate. Lift the fuel rack and change it from fire pit to hibachi-style grill.

It is difficult to use a solo stove fire pit for cooking because it is one piece firepit with no need to assemble. If the food falls during cooking, it will be difficult to clean it. You have to blow out the fire to clean it.

Smokeless design

The double-wall design of the solo stove is to boosts up the airflow and burning process. Bottom vents allow the air inflow. This air circulates and moves to the top holes to feed the flames and results in secondary combustion with hotter fire and less smoke.

In BioLite creates flames with its airflow technology. A fan controls the intensity of the fire. There will be no smoke when the fan is one, and when the battery is not charged, and fan speeds go down, there will be fire with smoke.

Biolite comes with a 10400mAh pack that can be used to power the fire for 24 hours. If you keep the fan speed at a low level, then the battery will never go down, and you can use it for a long time.


There is no significant difference in the weight of both fire pits solo stove weighs 25 pounds, and the bonfire weighs 22.4 pounds. But here, we will discuss the portability feature.

The BioLite, with its foldable legs, has a portable design and covers less space in your car than the solo stove. 


Solo stove bonfire made with high-grade material 304 stainless steel that’s why it is considered as long-lasting and rust-resistant. If we compare both firepit materials, then the solo stove will win in this feature.


The biggest difference between the solo stove and BioLite is that you can only use the firewood as fuel in a solo stove, but in the case of BioLite, you can add charcoals and firewood.


The decision to buy the fire pit from the above two depends on your requirements.

The solo stove is designed for the backyard and outdoors to create beautiful flames that your family and friends will enjoy. Biolite firepit can also be used for cooking. If you place a cooking grate on Biolite, then it will change into a grill.

We will recommend you to buy Solo Stove Yukon with Stand Fire Pit Combo Bundle due to its longevity and sturdy the firepit according to your budget the BioLite is expensive than the solo stove because it comes with more features like a cooking grate, controls the flames by adjusting the fan speed. Invest the money to fulfill all your needs. 

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