Weber Kettle vs Smoky Mountain | Who Will Win?

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Smoking is the method in which the flavor of food will be changed. The smoke will add a layer to your food. You can smoke pork, beef briskets, bacon, oysters and salmon, and many more. You need to buy smoking equipment to fulfill all your cooking needs. Different types of smokers are available in the market, and you should properly check before making the right decision about smokers.

Weber smoky mountain is the iconic smoker for smoky meat lovers. Weber designed its classic kettle with a mix of traditional, iconic design and innovation in features. We will compare the smoky weber mountain with the original weber kettle.

Weber Kettle vs Smoky Mountain

Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

Weber 22-inch smoky mountain with a total cooking area of 726 square inches over two grilling grates coated with steel. It is possible to smoke two large pieces of meat or plenty of ribs at once. If you do not want to open the lid, then a small door is given to add more charcoal or wood during cooking.

The lid and bowl are coated with porcelain-enameled to retain heat and for consistent and even temperature. The weber smoky mountain finishing is durable and rust-resistant. The built-in four aluminum dampers control the airflow. If more airflow,, more oxygen and fire will burn more if close dampers than less oxygen and help extinguish the fire.

The built-in lid thermometer displays accurate temperature and is easy to adjust the heat. The water pan placed between the fire and cooking grate helps control the heat and moisture in the smoking chamber. The charcoal chamber is the center of fuel, and it also prevents the ash from falling.


  • Large water bowl to maintain the temperature for all-day smoking
  • Metal legs are rust-resistant and waterproof
  • The domed lid perfectly retains the heat and smoke
  • Two large grilling grates to smoke whole turkeys
  • The thermometer shows how much temperature is running in the grill
  • Removable fuel door for adding more charcoals and wood
  • Dampers to adjust the temperature easily


  • It is easier to use
  • Easy to maintain temperature
  • Plenty of room to cook multiple items
  • Sturdy and durable smoker
  • Fuel efficient


  • Heat and smoke leakage from fuel door
  • Difficult to portable without wheels
  • It does not have handles

Weber Original Kettle Premium 26 Inch Charcoal Grill, Black

Experience the charcoal grilling with a weber kettle-style grill. The cooking area of 508 square inches is large enough to feed the neighborhood. the stainless steel hinged grate with handles. Easy to add charcoal from the hinged grate. It is built with high-grade steel coated with porcelain coated.

The lid and bowl are designed for better circulation of even and consistent heat. The one-touch cleaning system makes cleaning hassle-free. This weber original kettle grill gives you options of direct and indirect cooking. The aluminum top vents help to control the temperature by adjusting the airflow. This grill also features a shield handle that protects your hands from high heat, built-in tool hooks, and tuck away lid holder that allows you to place the lid while grilling.

The Weber kettle also includes aluminum legs and two durable 8-inch wheels that make easy portability. The grill is manufactured to make the backyard grill convenient and enjoyable.


  • The grill is coated with black porcelain-enameled to make it rust and weather-resistant
  • Removable high capacity ash catcher
  • 4 aluminum air dampers to control the heat
  • You can keep the lid on the side of the grill instead of placing it on ground
  • Porcelain-coated lid and bowl retain heat and prevents rusting, peeling
  • Built-in tool hooks to hang the spatulas and other tools
  • The lid thermometer allows you to check the internal temperature of the grill 



  • Legs are made with cheap material

Which is best, Weber kettle vs weber smoky mountain?

PerformanceWeber KettleSmoky Mountain
Total cooking area508 square inches 726 square inches
Power Sourcecharcoal charcoal
Weight56.6pounds 68 pounds
Cooking grate materialstainless steel Steel plated
Dimensions42.9 ×27×33inches 24×23×48.5 inches
Check Price Check Price

Now we will discuss the features of both smokers, and you may know which smoker is better than other


In smoking, the heat should be stable and consistent. In the case of a kettle, you have to adjust the airflows and needs a lot of practice. But weber’s smoky mountain is easy to operate, and you don’t need to monitor the temperature.

Cooking zones

Weber kettle is a versatile grill that gives the option of direct and indirect heat, and weber smoky mountain does not have these options.

Cooking surface

In smoky weber mountain, two grill grates of 726 square inches are large enough to smoke large pieces of meat. In the original weber kettle you get a cooking area of 509 square inches

Low temperature

In weber’s smoky mountain, it is easy to set a low-temperature level. in weber’s original kettle, you will also have to fight with the direct heat flame. Difficult to maintain a low heat level.


Weber kettle is much portable. It comes with wheels for moving easily from one area to another. the smoky weber mountain is difficult to move due to the absence of wheels.


The smoky weber mountain, also called vertical smoker, covers less space in your backyard. much space is needed for weber original kettle grill


With weber Smoking Mountain you can fulfill all your smoking needs. Buy the original weber kettle at a lower price. The kettle can also be converted into a smoker. Both smokers are durable, efficient, and have many other innovative features.

The choice of smoker depends upon your requirements. Weber kettle is a cheaper and versatile grill with some practice. You can cook the perfect smoky meat. Weber smoky mountain is for those who want to cook meat low and slow with charcoals. You do not need to monitor the temperature again and again. Easy to operate and easy to assemble.

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