Weber Smokey Mountain 18 vs 22 | Which is best For You?

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Weber is leading the grill market due to its innovative designs, features, and efficient performance. However, when the time comes to buy a new smoker, you have to decide the size of the smoker. You have decided to buy the Weber Smokey, and the best thing is that it comes in different sizes.

This is a one-time investment, so you have to think about how much cooking area you need before making a decision. In this article, we will compare the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker 18 vs. 22. Almost both come with similar features. The big difference is in their sizes. The Weber smoky mountain 18 comes with 481 square inches of the cooking area, while the WSM 22” has 726 square inches of large surface area.

The Weber Smokey Mountain cooker 22 gives you a large space to enjoy the BBQ with family, or you can even invite your friends and neighbors. The WSM 22 heats up quickly, and the fuel cost of heating a large cooking area will also be more. However, the Weber Smokey Mountain is the ideal, solid constructed, and durable grill. It is the best for those who want to eat smoky charcoal flavor food.

Weber Smokey Mountain 18 vs 22: Comparison

Weber 18-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

Now it is possible to eat real charcoal flavor food at home due to WSM 18. The cooking area of 481 square inches gives you enough room to cook food for an average size family. It smokes the food at low and even temperatures. It is constructed with porcelain enameled steel. This cooker has 2 nickel-plated 18-1/2 inch cooking grates.

The built-in lid thermometer gives you an idea of heat under the lid. You can also use your digital thermometer. A small door on the side of WSM 18” allows you to add charcoals, wood to achieve the desired cooking temperature. It also includes heat resistant nylon handle that helps to lift the lid easily.


  • Sturdy metal legs are rust and water-resistant
  • Plates steel cooking grates are easy to clean
  • Two cooking grates are enough to cook multiple items at once
  • The adjustable air dampers for more precise temperature control
  • Low and slow smoking
  • It won’t cover much space in your backyard
  • Less charcoal
  • Air control by adjusting dampers is great
  • Simple assembling
  • High quality and durable
  • Easy to set temperature
  • The side door is flimsy
  • Not large enough for a full rib rack
  • There may be oxygen and smoke leakage from the side door if not fitted properly

Weber 22-inch Smokey Mountain Cooker, Charcoal Smoker

The Weber 22” Smokey mountain cooker gives you a large cooking space of 726 square inches to cook a large rack of rib. It will not cover much space in your backyard and patio due to its bullet shape design. This smoker grilling surface gets hotter than WSM heats up quickly. The grilling surface of WSM is large. You do not need to worry about the edges of the meat. It will be cooked perfectly from all sides. The temperature on all cooking surfaces will be consistent and stable.

The temperature control is easy by adjusting the air vents. This smoker will run hotter than WSM 18”.it is difficult to run a temperature below 275 degrees. It also has the lid thermometer same like WSM 18″.but grommet is given to add the digital thermometer. The fuel door to add more fuel and water. The large water pan under the smoker for moisturizing of meat.


  • It is made with steel material
  • The lid and bowl are porcelain-enameled that retains the heat, and are rust-resistant.
  • Two cooking grates give large space to smoke two large pieces at once
  • Dampers allow you to control temperature without lifting the lid
  • Fuel doors can be used to add more charcoal and wood easily
  • Large cooking area without covering the large space on your patio
  • It can be used as a grill and smoker
  • Large size water pan
  • Easy to use the grill
  • Difficult to keep the temperature at a low level
  • The thermometer gauge is useless
  • A flimsy side door may let the smoke leaked out

What is the difference between the WSM 18” and 22”?

The major difference between the Weber Smokey Mountain 18″ and 22″ is the size both come with almost the same design with similar features.

The Weber Smokey Mountain cooker 22 with 726 cooking surfaces split over two grates is large to cook large pieces of ribs. You need to cut the ribs into pieces in case of WSM 18.”

The WSM 22” is heavier and less portable. The WSM 22 is not compatible with low and slow smoke. It tends to get hotter than WSM 18. If you like the features of low and slow smoke, then buy WSM 18.

The WSM 22 has large size water pan that gives a large amount of moisture but cleaning this huge water pan is difficult.

Cooking area

The WSM 18 gives you 481 square inches of cooking space over two racks. You can cook 4 smaller pork butts, 4 chickens, and 4-6 racks of ribs. You can cook a meal for 8-10 people at one time. You can cook turkey by removing the upper cooking grate.

The WSM 22” with 726 square inches of cooking space over two grates. The space is enough to cook large pieces of meat and ribs. You will place one large piece on each grate. If you are cooking food on a large grate, then extra charcoal will be used.

Fuel efficient

The WSM 18 requires less fuel as compared to WSM 22″.the WSM 22″ uses more fuel to heat the large cooking space. It also depends upon the brand of charcoal and the amount of meat cooked.


The Weber Smokey mountain 18″ is a portable smoker with weights 39.1 is a medium-sized cooker that can be carried as a single unit, and you can move it easily. You can transport this cooker by placing it in a truck. On the other hand, the WSM 22” weighs 68 pounds would be difficult to pick up for one person. Therefore, it will be best to move it in parts and then assemble it at the destination.

If you go for tailgating and picnic, the WSM 18” is the perfect size of 39.1 pounds is lighter as compared to 68 pounds.


It is said that WSM is worth your investment. It will give you maximum benefit due to its high-quality construction and long-lasting.

It was getting the grill of larger size will cost you more. You have to pay its buying cost plus its fuel expense will be more than WSM 18″.Therefore it is best to invest your money in medium-size Weber smokers in this way; you will be the cheaper price smoker with less fuel cost.

Final Thoughts

Weber Smokey Mountain with 481 is the best smoker for medium size family. The cooking area is enough to accommodate a meal for 8-10 persons. But if you want large size smoker and you want to cook food for your friends and family, then you can buy Weber smoky mountain 22.”

Buy the smoker that bests fit your requirements and budget. But any smoker you choose, buy it with confidence it will bring the enjoyment of many years in your life. You will love the taste of smoky food cooked with Weber Smokey mountains cookers.

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