Why are built-in grills so expensive?

why are built in grills so expensive2

Everyone has a dream to build an outdoor kitchen and essential to that is the built-in grill. When you will start to count the expenses and costs involved in getting a built-in grill then you will be amazed by seeing the high cost of built-in grills.

The comparison of the built-in grill with traditional gas and charcoals grill is important to consider the cost

Built-in gas grills vs traditional grills

Traditional grills are available in the market at lower prices and in every size and shape. you can build a grill by arranging a couple of rocks and briquettes. arrange some coal and then lighting it in place or you can use a makeshift grill and then use skewers on the charcoals. you can perform this task correctly and easily but it needs a lot of work and effort


Many reasons make the built-in grill more expensive than the traditional grills. you can buy a normal grill from the market by spending $200 but a good quality built-in gas grill reaches the price exceeding $1000.

Built-in grills are made with high-quality steel this not only means better quality but also means better performance and heat distribution and durability of grill. if you spend on built-in grills then it will be guaranteed to last for 10 years. the manufactures of built-in grill mostly belong to North America or Western Europe that’s why labour costs will be higher.

High performance

It is not just a matter of durability but also high performance. when we consider the performance than two factors are compulsory heat retention and power of grill. what is mean by the power of grill power is the amount of heat produced by grill usually written as BTUs burners output.

If a grill with four burners and each with 10000BTUs then the grill has a total power of 40000BTUs .the higher the BTUs it means the higher temperature. the grill can heat up in less time with a higher power of BTUs. built grills have higher power than small size traditional grills. built-in grills have a larger area and can add more burners for a higher power. built-in grills constructed with high-grade sinless steels that retain the heat and even heat across all cooking surfaces.

Porcelain-coated grates

Porcelain-coated grates also contribute to the performance of built-in grills. The porcelain-coated grates help to protect the grate from rust and retain the heat for a long time. This will result in high and even heat over the grill surface. There will be heat without flare-ups and no cold spots. You can eat the delicious and smoky food cooked on built-in grills.


As we know built-in grills are expensive but we can not deny their high performance and durability than traditional grills. a good quality built-in grill will last for a longer time.

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