Can you grill on an apartment balcony? | Complete Guide

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Do you think that grilling is possible while living in an apartment? In many countries, a large part of the population lives in apartments. So you have to keep certain factors in mind before buying a grill for apartments. Let’s discuss these factors in this article.

Considering the rules and laws.

Before buying a charcoal and gas grill, you have to check the laws and regulations of a specific area. This includes the state’s laws and building rules related to grilling. Contact the landlord to get the information about BBQ laws.

In some cases, your landlord will not allow the use of a charcoal grill. You may buy the electric grill and gas grill. Electric grills are best-recommended grills for an apartment because it allows you to smoke food by controlling the heat and smoke.

Size of the grill

You have to measure the space on your balcony or patio. Grills are available in the market in various sizes and shapes. If the size of the balcony is large, then buy a large size grill. Some grills are specially made for small spaces. You may buy a portable grill in such a case.

Easy transfer of ingredients

When you decide on the positioning of the grill, place the grill at less distance from your kitchen so you can easily transfer all the ingredients.

To make delicious barbeque recipes, you should comfortably move from the kitchen to your balcony.

Cover for grill

In the rainy season, it may not be possible to store the grill inside the apartment then you should buy a cover to protect the grill from extreme weather.

The cover should be perfect in size to fit from all sides. It should be made with good quality material and long-lasting.

Safe grilling tools

There should be enough room near the grill to place all the grilling tools. There should be a fire extinguisher near the grill to get protection from any uncertain event.

Make sure that the grill is away from flammable materials like clothes, wooden materials, and plants.

Safety rules for grilling at an apartment balcony

Grilling is a popular method to cook delicious food. But grilling in a patio or balcony is possible with certain safety guidelines. If you do not follow these, then it may be harmful to life

  • It is necessary to keep your pets and children away from the grill 
  • You should clean the grill on a regular basis remove the grease and fat to avoid a flare-up
  • During grilling, you should not leave the grill unattended
  • In the case of a charcoal grill, you may use a piece of paper to start the charcoal from the chimney
  • You may arrange the sitting of guests inside, and grilling will be safe with fewer people nearby.
  • You can prepare, season, and cut the meat inside the kitchen 
  • If using the starter liquid, then use only charcoal starter fluid
  • You may use an electric charcoal starter which starts the charcoal without fire
  • After grilling, make sure the charcoals are cool completely before storing them

Additional safety tools

You should have these safety tools during cooking

  • heat resistant gloves
  • fire extinguisher
  • water bottle in hand
  • stainless steel tools for getting excess to the back of the grill

Alternative options for grilling in apartment

If your apartment area has strict rules and regulations for grilling. There is a restriction to buying a grill for an apartment then. You may go with the alternative option of grilling. These are

  • buy an electric grill
  • a grill pan
  • you may go to tailgating and picnic for grilling
  • attend the barbeque events in your area

Gas and charcoal grill which is better?

Gas grills

Gas grills heat up quickly, and the food cooked on these grills has a unique and delicious flavour. Some landlords allow using the gas grills in apartments. So be careful while using a gas grill.

Charcoal grills

The charcoal grill takes more time to heat the charcoal grills are not allowed to use because of charcoal fuel. Some states and buildings restrict the use of charcoal grills than gas grills.

Open flame grill

The charcoal grill is not an open flame grill because the food is cooked over the heat of charcoal, not over the open flame. You have to start the coals with fire. Then the fire will be reduced once the charcoal starts to produce heat. Charcoal grills are prohibited in most states and buildings, so you have to buy other options like gas and electric grill.


This article is all about grilling in the apartment which factors you should consider while grilling in the apartment. The selection of grills for apartments depends upon the particular state laws and building rules. You have to check which type of grill you can use.

You can buy an electric grill instead of buying a gas and charcoal grill. It is an expensive option, but it is safer than other grills.

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