Disadvantages of Infrared Grills | Is Infrared Good Or Bad?

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Connection cooking method

In the regular cooking method, charcoal and gas are used as fuel. In this method, the charcoal and gas flames produce hot air. The food is cooked with this direct heat. That’s why most people close the lid during cooking to regulate the temperature. It also stops the heat from going out.

What is an infrared grill?

A grate is placed between the flame and the electric element in this grill. The infrared radiation from the grill spread over the entire plate. There is an even distribution of heat on the entire plate. The infrared grill also produces infrared waves. These waves heat the object or piece of meat.

It means that you do not need to worry about the direct gas and electric waves touching your food. The infrared grills require less time to cook food and heat up quickly. You do not need to worry about the flare-ups. The best thing about the infrared grill is that they are energy efficient and easy to clean up due to no use of charcoal and gas.

Best infrared Grills Under $500

Disadvantages of infrared grills

You may think of the infrared grills as the best grills due to easy and fast cooking, but they also have many disadvantages. We will discuss some disadvantages of an infrared grill.

Not easy to cook delicate food items

The infrared grills can cook food at high temperatures. It does not come with a low-temperature option as these are available in traditional grills. Therefore, if you want to cook delicate food such as fish and vegetables, there will be a huge risk of burning food.

In an infrared grill, you can keep the minimum temperature of 250F, whereas, in a traditional grill, you can keep the temperature as low as 100F.

Less versatile

The infrared grill does not come with many options of temperature range, and you do not have control over heat speed. The food is cooked on high heat in an infrared grill. So it is not considered a versatile grill for some specific types of meat and food.


The infrared grills are designed for kitchen and indoor use. They are not easily portable and lightweight. The infrared plates are heavier and difficult to portable. They may get broken if you transfer them.

It is best to place the grill at a fixed place and use its grilling surface for steaks. The new infrared grill looks small, but they are constructed heavily and not as portables like other gas and charcoal grills.

High price

Infrared grill works with new advanced technology, so the infrared grill price is high compared to other grill models of charcoal and gas grills. A small size portable infrared grill price starts from around $500 a grill with a 4 burner gas grill has a price from $1000 to $3000.

Factors to consider before buying an infrared grill

If you want to buy a grill to cook steaks and meat, then an infrared grill is the best option due to its features of fewer flare-ups. Even heat distribution and high temperature. Consider the certain factors before buying an infrared grill from the market these are as follows


If the grill has more burners, you will be able to grill the large cuts of meat. It will be easy to maintain and adjust the temperature level with more burners. You should also check the BTUs (burner power) before buying a grill.

Cooking surface

The infrared grill with a large cooking area allows you to cook multiple food items at a time. You can use it for barbeque parties. However, if you are a family of two people, then a grill with a small cooking surface will be enough to fulfill your grilling requirements.

Gas usage

It is best to buy a gas grill than an electric grill. Many models of infrared grills give you the option of using gas and electricity. The gas grill expenses are also low compared to an electric grill.


The infrared grill is easy to clean than other traditional grills. Some specific models take less time and effort for cleaning and maintenance.


Infrared grills come with a lot of new features and advancements. Before buying a grill, you should check its price from various sources to ensure that you are not buying a grill at a high price.


Are infrared grills healthier?

Yes, infrared grills are healthier. A burner heats the plate. This plate then radiates the heat towards your food—no direct heat like charcoal and gas grills.

Is it worth buying an infrared grill?

The infrared grill produces even and high heat, which creates the seared surface. It is also fuel-efficient because you can cook food in less time hence using less fuel.

Is infrared grill bad for health?

The infrared radiation of the grill is not powerful enough to change the food’s structure. These radiations are the source to produce heat. The food cooked with an infrared grill is safe to consume.

Are infrared grills are better than traditional grills?

A plate emits the infrared radiation. This plate is heated by a heating element with propane and gas-powered. Therefore the infrared grills are hotter and efficient to cook food quickly than traditional grills.

How much time should you cook food on the infrared grill?

It all depends upon the type of food and how much you want to cook it. You can cook your food more or less according to your desire.


An infrared grill is one of the best convenient equipment to fulfill your grilling needs. It comes with many features such as high temperature, fuel-efficient, and high speed. It is easy to use.

You can cook delicious barbeque food with an infrared grill in less time than the traditional grills. You do not need to spend time cleaning the grill. We will recommend you buy the infrared grill and share your valuable thoughts with us.

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