How To Use Wood Pellets On A Gas Grill | Easy Methods

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How To Use Wood Pellets On A Gas Grill1


As you know that the use of wood pellets is necessary to give smoke and flavour to the meat. If you want to increase the flavour of the meat but you do not know how to use the wood pellets. Wood pallets can be used on any cooking appliances to get the desired result from cooking meat. 

You have the best gas grills and accessories to enjoy the barbeque with family we are guiding you by writing the methods to place the wood pellets in the gas grill.

Wood pellets

Which wood pellets will be best for buying? These wood pellets are made from dried hardwood. These pellets are used due to their best results and less ash production. You do not need to soak the wood pellets before use.

Every wood cannot be used to form the pellets some woods do not give flavour to the meat. Some wood produces harmful chemicals which can be dangerous for health. Before knowing the best method to place the wood pellet, it is mandatory to know the best wood pellets which can be used to improve the smoky flavour of the meat. You can use the following wood pellets to get efficient results.

  • Hickory
  • Pecan
  • Oak
  • Alder
  • Mesquite

Methods to use the wood pallets in gas grill

There are three methods to be used for placing the pellets inside the gas grill.

#1. Smoker box method

In the smoker box method first, you have to preheat the gas grill for 10 to 15 minutes. There should be high heat inside the grill because it will be easier to catch heat for smoker box pellets at a high temperature. 

Prepare the wood pellet smoker box during the heating process. You can buy the smoker box of good material from the market, or you can make it yourself. The smoker box has holes on top so that the smoke can go out. Arrange the pellets in the smoker box evenly at the bottom of the box. 

Set the gas grill and turn off one or burners and place the wood pellet box on the light burner so that pellets can catch fire. There should be a normal temperature inside the gas grill. The temperature should be at 250 degrees.

When the grill is heated to 250 degrees, then place the food on top. Check the smoke coming from the holes from the pellet box there should be continuous heat from pellets.

#2. Pan method

In the pan method, we will place the wood pellets in aluminium foil or any metal pan can be used instead of using aluminium foil. Place the pellets in a pan, but there should be a place for smoke discharge. Cover the cooking pan with aluminium foil and pork the hole in the foil.

Preheat the grill once the grill has reached the temperature of 250 degrees turn off all the burners and then place the cooking pan on the flame. When you see the smoke coming from the box, then place the food on another side of the grill. 

Cook the meat on indirect heat after some time you can check the temperature by using the meat thermometer

#3. Foil pouch method

If you do not have a cooking pan, then you can use the sheet of aluminium foil. The wood pellets are placed on the centre of aluminium foil and then fold the edges of the sheet and poke the holes on the top for smoke discharge.

When the gas grill is heated up to the desired temperature, then place the aluminium foil bag on the flame until you can see the smoke in the box. Place the meat on another side. Close the lid during this process. To create more smoke, you may create a new pouch bag.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What is the difference between the pellets and wood chips?

Pellets take more time for burning than wood chips. Pellets burn at high heat than wood chips. You can use wood chips for many kinds of meat. Wood chips are the small pieces of wood which burn very fast.

At what temperature do wood pellets smoke?

The pellets will create a smoke flavour at a temperature of 250 degrees.

Can you use pellets instead of wood chips?

The wood pellets burn hotter and smoke evenly than the wood chips. The wood pellets are best to get the maximum result from smoking meat.


All methods of placing food pellets are not difficult to use. If you use the wood pellets for cooking food, then you can make the most delicious and flavorful food.

You can use the smoker box method by buying the box from the market, or you can use the pouch method no special accessories are required in the pouch method you just need to set the pellets into an aluminium bag. You can make the events memorable by serving the smoky flavour meat to friends and family members.


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