Rec tec vs Grilla | What’s the Difference?

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Rec Tec Vs Grilla2

Dinner parties are one of the most common forms of gatherings to enjoy your time. Grilling the food provides a wonderful experience. It allows you to experience your creativity in diverse forms. Moreover, the appreciation you get at such dinner parties gives you an astonishing experience.
Grilled food has a special taste of its own. Nothing tastes better than a meat piece grilled along with a bowl of grilled veggies. Not only is it a delicious food but also a wholesome, healthy meal. Grilling can have many variables. Food can be grilled on charcoal grills, propane gas grills, and electric grills. Different variants of grills are available in the market. Earlier, charcoal grills were used extensively. They give an extra smokey flavor and aroma to your meat, making your food more tempting and delicious. But later on, due to the feasibility and availability of lesser spaces, gas and electric grills are being used widely.
Rec Tec and Grilla grills are well-known and established grill manufacturing companies. A wide range of grills is available for grilling lovers at a reasonable cost and much efficacy. Following are two products by Rec Tec and Grilla grills that are high in demand.

RecTec vs Grilla Grills: A Detailed Comparison

REC TEC Grills | RT-700 | Bundle | WiFi Enabled | Portable Wood Pellet Grill

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  • Temperature control smart grill technology proprietary PID algorithm
  • Wi-pellet Wi-Fi technology which makes it easier for you to control the grill functions from anywhere without manually controlling it.
  • Stainless steel cooking surface with lesser or almost no chances of rusting.
  • It has an auto shutdown feature that switches off the grill when the food is cooked in the set time.
  • No charcoal mess is produces with the use of RT-700 grill

To ease barbecue enthusiasts, Rec Tec grills have launched their Rec Tec RT-700 wood pellet grill. It truly has changed the course of grilling by administering an advanced Wi-Fi remote feature. You can operate temperature controls from a distance by accessing the grill with your remote Wi-Fi device without any hustle. You just don’t need to rush towards the grill to adjust the temperature controls, as typically happens. Control the temperature settings very comfortably from wherever you are by your remote WiFi device.

It has a beautiful design with a four-legged tetra stand with a cylinder shaped grill and lid on top. Its unique design makes it very eye catchy and worth appreciating.

The cooking chamber is made up entirely of stainless steel. That means that there is no fear of surface peeling. Moreover, it has a ceramic coating. It has an advanced ceramic ignition system.

Rec Tec RT-700 features temperature control smart grill technology. Its PID algorithm precisely maintains the temperature. It has dual meat probes that plug directly into the controller, thus not requiring any thermometer to monitor the cooking.

It has an automatic shutdown feature that turns off the grill when your set cooking time is achieved.

It is a very precise grill to grill your food without much effort and in lesser time with its outclass automatic features with its wonderful options.

  • No messy charcoal
  • Unsafe fire starters are prevented
  • Temperature control small grill technology
  • Stainless steel surface
  • Unique structural design
  • Easy to use
  • Wi-Fi control access
  • Heavy apparatus
  • Difficult to transport from place to place

Grilla Grills – Silverbac Alpha Model Bundle | Multi-Purpose Smoker and BBQ Wood Pellet Grill

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  • The grill is made up of stainless steel making it portable and effective for long term use
  • Grill features a 900 sq. large cooking space which provides an enormous room for a large amount of food to be cooked
  • Being a multipurpose grill, it provides both low and slow smoke feature as well as Hot and fast sear.
  • Combination smokers enable it to provide unparalleled taste to the food
  • Dual mode PID controller provides accurate temperature and smoke controls

Grilla Grills – Silverbac Alpha Model is a grill launched by grilla grills. It features a stainless steel cooking surface having a larger surface area of 900 sq. Over this large cooking surface, it features a heavy stainless steel lid.

It has a digital control system, which makes it very easy to operate. It is a good quality multipurpose wood pellet grill that provides both:

  • Low and slow smoked
  • Hot and fast sear

The grill features combination smokers, which give your food unparalleled flavor than the other traditional gas or electric grills. You can also use different kinds of pellets flavours, which can give your food even more diversity.

It has a dual-mode PID controller, which provides you with precise control over both the temperature and smoke production.

The grill’s construction is based upon a double wall, which is an insulated barrel that provides the benefit of the grill to operate at even cold temperatures. It has additional fuel efficacy. It also has added twin storage stainless steel compartments.

The bundle includes:

  • An alpha silverbac wood pellet grill
  • 4 bags of premium competition blend pellet fuel.
  • A rugged cover to protect the grill
  • A ¼’’ stainless steel rack extension to expand the cooking capacity.
  • Easy to use
  • Large cooking surface area
  • Provides efficient functioning even at cold temperatures
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Added twin storage compartments
  • Excess smoke may be irritating
  • Might be somewhat expensive


PropertiesRT- 700Silverbac Alpha
MaterialStainless steelStainless steel
Cooking surfaceCeramic coatedCeramic coated
Warranty6 years4 year warranty
Temperature settingsSmart grill technology controller proprietary PID algorithmDual mode PID controllers
Cooking space1054 inches900 sq.
Fuel typeWood pelletsWood pellets
Power sourceElectricityElectricity
Digital control systemYesYes
Wi-Fi control accessYesNo


By looking at the features of both the grills mentioned above, taking into account the luxuries and functional efficacies of both the grills, figuring out what suits your grilling rituals and habits the most, you must decide between these two grills. The RT-700 has Wi-Fi control settings making it a very handy apparatus and easy to use. On the other hand, grilla silverbac alpha has a large cooking surface area, which provides plenty of room for cooking a large amount of food.

Choose your grill wisely by considering the above-mentioned features, pros, and cons, and have a wonderful grilling experience.

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