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Top 6 Best Grill Mat For Concrete Patio

When you are making barbeque with friends and family, do not forget to use a mat under your grill. A grill mat is a tool that protects the surface under your grill from stains like oil, grease drippings, and burns marks. The grill mat can be used on any flooring of bricks and concrete and wooden.

These mats are available in different qualities, from rubber sheet to polyester fabric and PVC sheet. Some mats are fireproof and absorb the water and oil and protect the floor from the stains.

You just need to take the grill’s size and then buy the mat, which can cover the whole area under the grill. The stains from the grill mat can be cleaned easily with water and soap. Here we are describing some good quality mats which you can buy from the market easily.

Top 6 Best Grill Mat For Concrete Patio 

#1. GrillTex Under the Grill Protective Deck and Patio Mat, 39 x 72 inches

Suppose you are worried about the balcony and patio floor that may damage with oil and grease stains dripping from the grill. Grilltex mats can be used to overcome all your worries about the surface. The size of this mat measures 39 inches by 72 inches 

This mat protects the place under the grill, and all the oil drippings, sauces, and grease fall on this mat. This mat is made with 100 % recycled rubber, which covers the surface and works as a barrier against the stains. This rubber retains the heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This mat can be cleaned easily with soapy water at the end of each cooking process. The mat can be folded and rolled for easy storage. The manufacturer gives a limited warranty of 1 year.


  • It is made with 100% pure recycled rubber 
  • The mat is 39 inches by 72 inches
  • Choose the size that fits 2 to 3 inches of coverage around the grill
  • The mat contains the elements of antimicrobial and anti fungistatic to keep your mat new and fresh
  • It can be cleaned easily with soap and water
  • Rubber material has no smell of chemical
  • The quality of the rubber is good
  • The sheet does not absorb the grease and oil
  • It can be cleaned easily with soapy water
  • Thin rubber sheet

#2. Cuisinart CGMT-300 Premium Deck and Patio Grill Mat, 65” x 35.”

The Cuisinart mat serves as a shield wall against the grease oils and water during grilling. You can save your floor of patio and garage floor from stains and oil drippings. The size of this mat is 65 by 36 inches. The mat is non-slip and exact size to fit under the grill. You can use it for any type of grill smoker or griddles.

The wooden floor and concrete floor will always look new after grilling. It does not absorb water and can be cleaned with cloth easily. You should change the position of the mat so that mat does not leave a mark on the floor.


  • It is made with a good quality durable sheet of PVC
  • Protects the surface from stains and oil grease
  • It can be used for any type of grill 
  • You can wash the mat with soap water, rinse it and let it dry in the sunshine in the garden area.
  • A company gives l 1 year of a limited warranty
  • The PVC sheet is weather-resistant and not absorbs water
  • The high durable sheet of rubber
  • It can be easily rolled or bent for storage
  • The sheet will always look new after cleaning

#3. VersaTex Multi-Purpose Rubber Utility Mat for Indoor or Outdoor Use

If you want to protect the floor from damage, then use this mat. This mat can be used at any entry gate or can be used on a carpeted surface and any concrete or wooden floor or another flooring. 

This mat is made with recycled rubber from the USA. This rubber sheet has anti absorbent quality and easy to clean. You can clean the dirt and stains with the towel and soapy water. It will look new after cleaning.

This mat can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes. It can be used as a kitchen mat under the stove or under the sink to protect the floor from water. You can place it at the entry gate or under the dog food bowls to prevent the floor from droppings. This mat can be placed under the gym equipment. It can be used as an exercise mat. Moreover, you can place it under the washing machine or any other kitchen equipment.  

You can cut this mat to use it for office drawer and shelf or as a table mat or anywhere.


  • Use it for a slippery surface
  • For the outdoor purpose to prevents the floor from muddy and dirty foot
  • The size of the mat is 36 by 60, is the perfect size to use on any flooring
  • The mat is waterproof and does not absorb the water
  • The mat can be cleaned easily and quickly
  • Cut the mat to adjust the size for a drawer or cabinet in the kitchen or office.
  • Inexpensive mat
  • It can be used under the home therapy equipment
  • Use it at the entry point of the bedroom
  • Strong mat easy to clean
  • Use it as a floor mat
  • Don’t use it as floor mat because it is made up of rubber and it won’t absorb the moisture properly
  • The rubber mat moves or slips when you place your foot on it.
  • Looks like a plastic mat it will slip on the smooth surface

#4. DiversiTech Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ & Fire Pit Mat

If you want to protect your patio deck floor from the stains and spills of oil and grease, then buy the DiversiTech mat. This mat gives the best protection to the floor for up to 600-degree Fahrenheit. The mat will not tear due to heat.

This made is made with a flexible material that easily adjusts on the flat surface. You can use this mat on concrete or wood flooring, even on tiles and carpets, to protect it from water and dirty feet and oils and grease. This mat can be used under any grilling surface, whether it is charcoal or smoker grill.

The manufacturer gives a 10-year warranty for the defective mat. You just need to clean it with a cloth or scrub it with the sponge and then let it dry in the sunshine. The mat should be placed at 12 inches gap from the bottom of a fire pit. do not place the grills directly on the top of a mat 


  • The mat size is 48 inches length and 30 inches wide
  • It is made to protect the wooden floor from the spills and stains of oils and grease
  • It has the quality to protect the surface up to 600 degrees
  • The material of the mat is flexible. It can be laid down on a flat surface.
  • The weight of the mat is 4.5 pounds
  • The colour of the mat is black
  • It can be cleaned easily
  • Perfect size fits under the grill
  • Easy to clean with drops of dish soap
  • The perfect mat to catch grease and water from the smoker
  • It can be folded and rolled easily for storage
  • Due to lightweight mat slides when you move the grill
  • It cannot be used under the fire pit because of the rubber sheet

#5. Z GRILLS Under The Grill Protective Deck and Patio Mat

The durable mat protects the floor against the stains and oil splatters from the barbeque. This mat is made with 100% polyester fibre can be used on any flooring deck or patio.

This mat’s size is 36 inches by 60.the polyester fabric mat fit in the place under the charcoal grill and smoker. You can use it in the vehicle as a trunk liner or as the doormat or floor mat in the entry gate to prevent the floor from the dirty foot.

You can use it as the walkway runner or under the machinery equipment to protect the surface. You can wash it with hand or hose off. When dry, then roll it for storage.


  • This perfect size mat can be placed easily under the grill to protect the surface from grease and oil
  • The mat is made with polyester fabric, which enables it to absorb the stain quickly
  • The grill can be rolled up to store it in a small space
  • It can be cleaned easily with water and soap
  • Comfortable and sturdy mat
  • Lightweight and durable mat
  • Folds for easy storage
  • You can cut it to adjust the size with surface
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Protect the deck from damage by our grill

#6. Diversitech Gas Grill Splatter Mat Outdoor Gas Grill BBQ Floor Mat – Absorbent, Place Under Grill

This mat has a reversible quality mat, which means both sides of the mat can protect the deck and patio under the gas grills.

This mat is constructed with 100% recycled material of non-woven fibre that protects the floor from splatters and grease associated with gas grills.

The size of this mat is 60*30 inches. The mat can absorbs the five times its weight in liquids.

This mat can be used to protect the surfaces of wood bricks, stones, cement, and composite decking. Due to its heavy material, it perfectly fits on the surface.

Two sizes of this mat are available. You can choose the size according to your need. If this mat is dirty, then clean it with soap or water easily.


  • This mat is heat and water-resistant
  • It is mostly used under the gas grill due to its durability and high quality
  • The size of the mat is 60*30 inches
  • Made with 100% recycled material
  • Sturdy and durable mat
  • Protect the deck from grease drippings
  • Works great perfectly fits under the gas grill
  • It may stick to the surface and hold water and discolour your deck
  • If this mat is wet, then it remains wet for many days


Do I need a mat under my grill?

The mat can be used to protect the surface and floor from the oil and grease drippings. The mat proves a barrier on the surface against the stains. The good mat should absorb water and oils without damaging the deck and patio floor.

How do I protect my patio from the grill?

You should use grill mats to protect the patio from grease and oil stains. You can use a high-quality mat that is heavy enough to absorb the water and grease. 


All the grill mates are best and efficiently serve you. you can choose the size according to your need. You can measure the size of flooring or grill and then buy the mat of the same size. The Z GRILLS Under The Grill Protective Deck and Patio Mat is the best quality and durable mat that can be used on any flooring under the grill to protect the floor from oil and grease stains. Select the mat, which is heat resistant and made with a heavy sheet.


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