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clean a traeger grill

Grilling is a passion. Everyone loves to eat grilled food. If you want to eat healthy food, then the cleaning and maintenance of grilling equipment are necessary. You buy a Traeger grill after spending a huge amount. So regular cleaning is essential to keep your grill in functional form.

Moreover, cleaning and maintenance increase the life of the grill. We will provide you with a step-by-step procedure to keep your Traeger grill brand new. As a result, your grill will look great, and you can happily spend time cooking tasty meals with friends and family.


Traeger grills are built with many technologically advanced features. If you own a Traeger grill, then you should know how to clean this grill.

These grills require large investment owing them means that you will use this equipment for many years. However, they perform excellently and allow you to cook anything on the cooking grate of the grill.

When you cook food, then meat burned particles and grease may stick on the surface of the grill. This problem arises in case if you are using wood pellets as fuel. Burnt particles and grease may produce smoke that may mix with the food and create awful flavor. This is also the reason to clean a Traeger grill. The Traeger grill performs efficiently when they are cleaned and maintained properly.

Buy a Cover

Before starting the cleaning procedure, we will recommend you buy some accessories to protect the Traeger grill. You may buy a cover for the grill. The covers are different for each model.

Although Traeger grills are made with high-grade material that is rust and weather-resistant, the covers protect against moisture. The Traeger grills also have Wi-Fi connectivity, and if you cover it, then you can prevent it from water and moisture.

Clean out the Traeger Grill Grates?

clean out the traeger grill grates

If the grates are porcelain-enameled coated, then you should avoid using the metal or wire brush. Instead, use a brush with soft bristles. First, burn off the burnt food pieces with heat, then let them cool and wipe down with a nylon cleaning brush.

If the grates are porcelain enameled cast iron, then clean them with vinegar.mix white vinegar with water and sprays on grates, and then clean them with a nylon or brass grill brush.

You can also soak the grates in the sink full of water. Add dish soap into warm water and soak the grate for some time. After that time, take out the grate from water and then scrub them with a brush or sponge. The soaking breaks down the grease and debris. After scrubbing, clean it with water and dry it with a piece of cloth.

Clean out the Grease trap

Remove the grease from the grease trap with a wooden spatula. If the grill is hot, then it will be easier to scrap the grease from the grease tray.

Clean out the grease drip pan

Changing the aluminum foil will not complete your task. First, you have to clean the surface of the drip pan underneath the foil. If you allow the layer of grease to build up, then the metal of the drain pan will be damaged.

Start it by scrapping the stubborn grease layers and debris with a brush. The best way is to do this when the grill is hot, and then it will be easier to clean the grease. It is essential to clean the drip pan and drain tube after each cook to prevent fire.

Cleaning the exterior of the Traeger grill

The Traeger grill exterior is mostly made with stainless steel. You can clean it with a damp cloth and wipe down all the dust and stains.

If the grill has powder-coated finishing, then you can use a wet cloth with warm water to remove the stubborn stains and grease from the surface.

Avoid using hard cleaning materials such as hard sponges and metal brushes. It may leave scratches on the grill’s surface.

Cleaning the interior of the Traeger grill

Clean the food particles from the grill with the brush. You may use a hard bristles brush to scrape off the stubborn grease and then remove the grates. Now clean the heat shields and remove them. Next, make sure that the drip tray is clean. Finally, brush down the dirt into a grease bucket.

Remove the wood pellets from the hopper. Remove the dust from the pellet hopper. Now check that the whole interior of the grill is clean. Check the corners of the grill. They should be free from dust and stains.

Questions and Answers

Why is it important to clean your Traeger grill?

Cleaning is important because when you use wood pellets, then there may be ash and grease left in the grill. If the ash increases, then there will be more ash and smoke circulating in the grill. To eat healthy food, you have to clean your grill regularly.

How often should you clean your Traeger grill?

I recommend you clean your Traeger grill after every cook. Deep cleansing is not necessary. Clean the grill after 2-3 times of the cooking session or after 20-hours of continuous cooking.

You must clean the grill after long hours of cooking or when you cook the greasier food.

Can Traeger grills get wet?

If you leave a Traeger grill in the rain, then you must cover it from all sides because the Traeger grill is not waterproof. The moisture may go into the pellet hopper, and it may damage the auger system. Therefore, you must cover the Traeger grill when not in use.

Can you leave pellets in Traeger?

You should always use the dry pellets in the Traeger grill. If you leave the pellets in the hopper, then due to outside moisture, the pellets may be spoiled. You should empty the hopper after each cook and store the pellets in a box so you can use them again.

Why does my Traeger always say clean grill?

On the WiFIRE enabled grill, you will see a message to clean the grill or empty the grease trap. This message aims to remind you to clean the grill on time and create a habit to clean the grill.


The Traeger grills are the most durable grill, and the cleaning is easy. However, if you have a Wi-Fi feature in your grill, you must clean it carefully to prevent the Wi-Fi and other electronics from being damaged.

You should wear gloves while cleaning. If the Traeger grill is made with stainless steel, you can use soap water on its external surface. Regular cleaning and maintenance make your grill long-lasting, and it is essential to eat healthy food. Make a habit of cleaning your Traeger grill after each cook.

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