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Oklahoma Joe’ has a unique and inspirational back story. It all started back in 1987 at the Oklahoma state fair. Joe Davidson had saved up $2000, utilizing which he had to design and manufacture twelve smokers. He put maximum effort and poured his heart into this project. This hard work later paid off when all of the twelve smokers were sold out at the Oklahoma state fair, and Joe even further received an order of over 100 smokers. The smokers were an absolute hit wherever he went. The company was established further over the years, and today, Oklahoma Joe’s continues to manufacture one of the finest smokers in the world. 

Oklahoma Joe Rider



Most people face a lot of issues with the regular pellet grills that they use. Oklahoma Joe has almost all the issues fixed for their customers. Now, if we talk about the features of the pellet grill, the pellet grill with its cover removed is quite tall and so features the perfect height for smoking and grilling your food. You don’t have to bend down in order to turn the meat over to the other side. The height of the grill is almost up to the waist of an average American individual. Hence, it makes you super comfortable cooking your food. 

The structure of the grill features a hopper on the left side, which is almost the size of a side table and is perfect to put your plates and dishes over it. The side shelf given for this purpose on the right is quite small; hence this hopper lid serves this function and provides you with an additional area for sorting out your dishes and plates. 

Below it, on the left side, is a huge knob from where you can adjust the temperature starting from reading of low to 200° F, 225° F, 250° F, 275° F, 300° F up to medium and high. On the right of this knob, a small digital display screen tells you the temperature inside the grill. This part also allows you to set alarms and tells you if your food is cooked or not. Besides, it is a power button.

A basket comes along the pellet grill in which you can store the pellets. You just need to open up the lid and put the pellets into the hopper whenever you are up for grilling. A fan is provided to keep the air circulating and to maintain the right temperature inside the cooking chamber. 

The grill features a nice heavy lid in the cooking chamber, which is made up of quite a thick metal. The grill has a large cooking surface area the main grill area measures 578 square inches. The main grilling area is equipped with two shelves of 328 square inches of cooking area each. 

The fact that your food is cooked entirely in an organic way makes it even more tempting. There are no chemicals used in grilling the food, and all of the heat comes from burning wood pellets. This gives the food a nice smokey texture that should be there in nicely grilled food. 

Features Of Oklahoma Joe Rider Dlx Grill

  • Product Dimensions: 31.2 * 55.5 * 54.2 inches
  • Weight : 233 pounds 
  • Dual lid-mounted smokestacks
  • Heavy gauge steel construction that is highly durable
  • Towel bar with tool hooks and side shelf
  • 1200 square inches of total cooking capacity; 578 sq in. main cooking surface area and 328 sq in. each of two side shelves
  • 20 lb capacity quick draw hopper
  • Flex grate and rack system
  • Sear mode – fires up red hot temperature over 650 degrees.
  • Pit control system offering a timer mode and a temperature probe mode
  • Very easy to cleanup

Control Panel

Oklahoma Joe Rider pellet grill has a pit control system that offers you two distinct guidance features; the Timer mode that indicates when you have reached the amount of time set by at your given temperature, and the Temperature probe mode, which tells you when your food has reached its target temperature. 

Temperature Control

Oklahoma Joe Rider has a precise temperature control system. A knob is there by which you can choose your desired temperature over which you want to cook your food. The temperature settings range from low to 200° F, 225° F, 250° F, 275° F, 300° F up to medium and high. 

Moreover, a fan is also provided that further maintains the temperature over which the food is cooked. 

Cooking Area

This pellet grill has a large cooking surface area. If you are having a party and guests invited over to your place, this pellet grill provides you enough room to cook. The pellet grill has a total of 1200 square inches of cooking surface area, which is divided into three areas. One is the main cooking area which measures about 578 square inches, and the other two are side shelves, each measuring 328 sq inches. This much room is perfect for cooking enough food to serve at a household party.

Pellet Hopper Design

The grill features a uniquely designed pellet hopper. The hopper has a lid and a bucket kind of thing attached below. The lower container is purposely built to store the wood pellets. When you need to grill the food, just put the pellets in the hopper and enjoy an effortless grilling. Moreover, the above surface of the lid serves the purpose of placing dishes over it as it has quite a large area. The hopper has a capacity of around 20 lbs and allows simple storage of pellets. The user can also conveniently swap the flavors of pellets. 


The grill is heavyweight since it is one of its own kind. It is quite large in size, which is actually nominal as the grill holds a large surface area and offers high grilling capacity. The weight of the grill is 233 pounds.

Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction

The lid has a heavy gauge steel construction. This kind of high duty construction makes the grill very portable and reliable. The metallic surface is porcelain coated, making the grill more user-friendly and can be cleaned with little or no effort. 

Pros & Cons Of Oklahoma Joe Rider Dlx


  • Very easy to use
  • Pit control system
  • Durable
  • Large cooking surface area
  • Porcelain-enameled
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides Multiple options for cooking, i.e., grilling, searing, smoking, etc.


  • Item is the heavyweight

How To Cook With An Oklahoma Joe Rider Dlx Grill?

  1. Plug in your grill.
  2. Add the pellets to the hopper. 
  3. With the control settings, preheat the grill. 
  4. Now place the meat or whatever you want to grill on the grilling surface
  5. Select the temperature according to your desire and set the timer.
  6. Keep checking the food at regular intervals.
  7. Dish out the food once the food is cooked and served.

Why Buy An Oklahoma Joe Rider Dlx Grill?

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy the Oklahoma Joe Rider grill. The grill is very user friendly and cooks the food according to your expectations. You can select the temperature and time according to your requirement. The grill is very durable due to its heavy gauge steel construction with a large cooking surface area. The grill offers excellent temperature control. All these things make the grill worth it to purchase.

Oklahoma Joe Rider Dlx Problems

The grill has no performance issues, but there are some other problems that are often associated with the Oklahoma Joe Rider DLX grill. 

  1. The protector that is placed over the hopper makes it difficult to push the pellets inside and may cause trouble.
  2. The grill is provided with a catch basin kind of container which lies beneath the grill. This container is supposed to collect the ash, but that being said, the problem here lies that the container is very difficult to remove and requires a lot of effort.
  3. The grill throws out a lot of ash.
  4. The screw that assembles the leg to the table underneath is not a lock nut. If the grill is moved, again and again, the screw may get loose, and that might cause a problem for you.


Oklahoma Joe Rider is an excellent grill if you want to invest in something that lasts, and you don’t have to keep changing your grill again and again. This DLX pellet grill has a lot of unique features that make it one of the best available options in the market. Choose according to your requirement and invest wisely. HAPPY GRILLING!

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