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The smoked meat is more delicious than the food cooked with a traditional grill. There are various models of smokers are available in the market. Camp Chef is also one of them. The Camp Chef has been manufacturing high-quality products for over 20 years.

The company is making great products that offer convenient cooking for every outdoor occasion. The products are made from small to large sizes for special functions or dinner purposes. You can buy the product according to your specific needs.

Camp Chef introduced its top-selling Woodwind pellet grill line in 2017. with this range of pellet grills, you can experience delicious BBQ food.

People are finding more convenient ways to cook food. The Camp Chef understands the requirements of customers. So the company introduced a large variety of grilling equipment (grills and smokers). The company classifies these as grills and smokers, Woodwind, and smoke pro. These products are during and loaded with many exciting features.

Camp Chef Woodwind vs Smokepro

Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker, WIFI & Bluetooth Connectivity, PID controller, Stainless Steel, Total Cooking Surface 811 sq in

The Camp Chef 24 in. is the most versatile grill featured with an ingenious PID and WIFI controller. This allows you to adjust the temperature, set the timer, and receive notifications on your mobile phone. The unique feature of the Woodwind pellet grill is slide and grill technology. With the pull of a knob, you can cook food on direct and indirect flame mode. A drip tray allows the flames to reach the bottom grill rack. The temperature range to cook food is 160°F to 650°F.

The Woodwind has a large cooking surface of 811 square inches with a warming rack. A large-size hooper with a 20lb capacity, you can add a large number of pellets. Then, with an easy ash clean-out feature with just a pull of a knob, transfer ash from the burn cup to your removable cup and then dispose of the ashes. 

The sidekick feature is designed to give you the versatility to add the griddle, grill: oven and stockpot, and many more. In addition, the cast-iron grates are added to create beautiful sear marks on meat and help to reach the temperature of 900°F.


  • Easy to adjust smoke settings from 1to10 Easy to use control buttons
  • 20lb capacity pellet hooper
  • Ash cleaning system 
  • Temperature range of 160F to 500F 
  • Temperature Maintainance with the help of 4 meat probes
  • Easy to control the temperature and timer with camp chef app from mobile phone
  • The total cooking surface of 811 square inches
  • Auger system for feeding the pellets automatically into the grill


  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Great smoke setting feature
  • Ash cleanout is easy and quick


  • Poor wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill w/New PID Gen 2 Digital Controller – Black

The Camp Chef Smokepro DLX is a grill with a surface area of 570 square inches. The new Gen 2 digital controller is easy to use and easily adjusts smoke levels from 1 to 10 using PID technology. You can set the smoke your meals will get by setting the smoke number. The temperature range between 160°F -500°F.

With two meat probes, you can control the temperature more precisely. A digital display for quick checking of temperature under the lid. Remove the burned ash from the burn cup to the removable cup by just pulling a knob.

The sidekick attachment with a single burner is 14 inches, where you can add a griddle, grill, stockpot, and many more. It also comes with a sear box with a high-temperature 900°F.


  • 18lb capacity pellet hopper eliminates the need for refilling
  • Easy and simple ash cleanout 
  • 2 meat probes
  • PID controller and adjustable smoke settings
  • The digital display shows the accurate temperature without lifting the lid
  • Versatile sidekick
  • The small window with hooper to check the level of pellets


  • The large cooking surface is enough for two turkeys
  • Built-in Temperature probes
  • Real wood flavor food
  • Easy to change the flavor of wood pellets


  • Unreliable temperature control

Difference between camp chef woodwind vs Camp Chef SmokePro DLX 

PerformanceCamp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill & SmokerCamp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill w/New PID Gen 2 Digital Controller - Black
Cooking surface811square inches570square inches
Powerwood pellet wood pellet
Weight150lbs 140 lbs
Temperature range160°F to 500°F 160°F to 500°F
Hooper capacity20 lbs18 lbs
Meat probes42
Warranty3 Years3 Years
Dimensions30×42×49 inches 45×21×51 inches
ColorStainless steelBlack

you have got a complete understanding of the features of these two grills now it’s time to complete it by comparing their various factors

cooking surface

the camp chef woodwind gives you a large cooking surface of 811 square inches, of which the lower rack area is 429 sq. in, and the upper rack area is 382 square inches. In smoke pro DLX 24”, the cooking surface is 570 square inches.

Pellet hopper capacity

The pellet hopper is the place to store the pellet for cooking. The pellets will be added to the auger from this hopper. It should be large in size, so you do not need to add the pellets again and again. The Camp Chef Woodwind has a large-capacity pellet hopper of 20lbs, whereas the smoke pro has an 18lb capacity pellet hopper.

Meat probes

With a meat probe, you can control the temperature of food. You may know the real temperature in a few seconds without lifting the lid. The Camp Chef wood wing has 4 meat probes, and the camp chef SmokePro has meat probes.


Some people consider the cleaning of pellet grills difficult and time-consuming as compared to gas and electric smokers. But in Camp Chef, you have to pull a lever then all the ash falls from burned cup to the removable cup, which you can empty in the trash. Both pellet grill Woodwind and SmokePro have an Ash Kickin’ Cleanout system. You can clean the grill between each cook.

Buying Guide of Pellet grill

A Pellet grill is the best choice to cook wood-flavored food. You do not need any propane gas and natural gas. if you want to buy a pellet grill, then we will recommend considering the following factors before buying the right model according to your requirements

Cooking area

Choose the cooking area based on how much food to cook and for how many people you are cooking. Generally, the pellet smoker has a cooking area range of 300 to 1300 square inches.

If you are a small family, then buy a smoker with less cooking area if you are buying for special occasions where more friends and family will be invited to buy the smoker with large cooking space.

Hopper capacity

Hooper is the place to store and feed the pellets for adding to the auger. If the size is small, then you have to fill it, again and again, choose the large capacity hooper for more hours of cooking.

Temperature control

The pellet smokers come with a temperature range of 160°F to 500°F. This temperature is perfect for grilling, baking, and smoking. However, for searing and hot smoking, choose a smoker with a high-temperature range.

Side attachment 

Many pellet smokers have a side shelf with a cast aluminum side burner. You can add accessories compatible with this burner. These accessories are grill, large pot, griddle sear box, oven, and many more. You can check this excellent feature before buying a pellet grill.

Question And Answers

Can you grill on a camp chef Woodwind?

The camp chef Woodwind has the unique feature of slide and grill in which by the pull of a knob, you can switch between direct and indirect flame mode. You can sear and grill over direct heat.

In which country the camp chef grills are manufactured?

All camp chef grills are manufactured in China. Since 1990 they changed their products to stoves, smokers: fire pits, cast iron cookware, and pellet grills.

Why is camp chef not creating smoke?

If the cam chef is not smoking, then it may be due to moist pellets or the raw materials used to manufacture the pellets. You should use the dry pellets for your grill also use a high-quality pellet for a good amount of smoke.


The Camp Chef is the largest brand of pellet grills. Both pellet grills, Woodwind and SmokePro, come with remarkable features that are designed to fulfill your expectations.

Both unit Camp Chef Woodwind and Camp Chef SmokePro vary in their size and cooking surface .they are made for different needs. Now you have to choose the right pellet grill for you. Camp Chef provides the guarantee of performance and quality of all grills.

Both grills can be used for grilling and smoking. You must choose a grill with the features you want. Your satisfaction is important. It is best to check each unit with features, pros, and cons to see which will perform efficiently for you.

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