How To Clean Blackstone Griddle | Complete Guide

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle1

How to prevent Blackstone griddle from rust? The Blackstone griddle with a flat surface needs to be cleaned in a proper way. You have to follow a proper method to clean it. If you do not take care of the grill, then it will rust, or chip or its nonstick coating may be damaged.

The Blackstone griddles are used for outdoor grilling even indoors, but when you use griddle frequently, then griddle can create grease and rust. You should clean the griddle regularly so that you can get the desired result from grilling.

The procedure to clean the Blackstone griddle is given below so that you can save the griddle from deterioration.

How to season a Blackstone griddle

You can do seasoning of griddle before using it. This is not the method to add salt on the surface; instead, you will cover the griddle’s surface with oil and then turn on the flame and wait for to set the oil. In this process, we will create a thin layer on its surface, which will be helpful in preventing food from sticking to it, and there will be no rust on its surface.

This method can be used for any barbeque smokers and grills. Now we are going to explain it.

You need to fill warm soapy water in a bottle and use a soft piece of cloth to wash the grill’s surface. The dirt will be removed by cleaning it with a cloth. Wait for about 1 hour to dry. for seasoning, it applies a thin coating of oil over the griddle’s surface. You can use a sponge to spread it equally.try to spread it on every corner of the grill. Heat the griddle on medium heat when oil starts to create smoke, then turn off the flame. Wash it with warm soapy water and dry it with the help of a dry cloth

Now you can use a griddle for grilling

Maintenance of Blackstone griddle

Preheat the griddle for 10 minutes before every use. This will not help to do cooking easy, but it will also prevent the food from sticking to the surface. You should use a good amount of oil because when you use oil, the meat will not stick to the griddle. It will protect the surface of the griddle.

Deep cleaning of Blackstone griddle

It is very necessary to deep clean the griddles. The excess fat may stick to the griddle. If you forget to remove this fat, then it will create the smoke and can create an explosion

The other reason to clean the grill is that a dirty grill will create an unpleasant smell, and stick food pieces may produce mold on the grill. This may be harmful to health

Generally, you have to do a deep clean of the grill on a weekly basis so that you can prevent the grill from wear and tear.

How to clean the griddle after using it

You need cleaning tools which are a metal spatula, towel, hot water cooking oil, and sponge.

Wait for the grill to cool down after cooking, scrape the surface with a spatula and then remove all burnt pieces of food and grease with a towel. You can use hot water. Then it will become easy for cleaning the grease, and stuck food.rub the sponge softly and slowly on the surface and rinse it with hot water and dry it with a cloth. Place the coating of oil to prevent it from rust.

Cleaning of Blackstone griddle burners

Cleaning Of Blackstone Griddle Burners

The burners under the flat surface need to be cleaned carefully; otherwise, the burners may rust. Most burners are covered with protectors this can protect the burners against the deterioration

Let’s discuss the method to clean the burners

Remove the flat griddle top from the surface. There will be a latch to do this. Remove the cover of burners and dip them in warm water. You can use a sponge to remove the grease and oil. After that, take a dry towel and clean it to let them dry

Remove the rust from Blackstone griddle

The rust may come on the Blackstone griddle’s surface if you do not use it for a long time. Heat the grill and allow the rust to disappear slowly and use few drops of oil and squeeze some drops of lemon juice to soften the rust and then use sandpaper to clean the rust from the surface.

For other parts of the grill, you can use vinegar and water mixed solution. This is the best for removing the grease from the surface dip the sponge in this solution, and then cleans the griddle

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Why Blackstone griddle sticking?

If you see that food is sticking on the surface, then there might be a problem with seasoning if you should avoid grilling until you fix the issue. You have to repeat the procedure to fix the issue. For the second time, you should use multiple and more coatings of oil.

Another issue for sticking of food may be the amount of oil you are using. If you are using too much oil for grilling, it may lead to gumming and sticking.try to use a reasonable amount of oil.

Which is the best oil to season a Blackstone Griddle?

You can buy a vegetable oil bottle for seasoning vegetable oil is economically superior and work the same as any other oil. In seasoning, you have to add a thin coating of oil and let it heat up and smoke off. But do not add too much oil on the surface. You can use any type of oil. It may be olive oil, vegetable oil, or canola oil. You will obtain the nonstick shiny dark surface

How can I stop Blackstones’ griddle from rust?

Rust produce due to the reaction of water+oxygen+iron. Water and oxygen present at every place. What you have to do is to protect the griddle from the water. We are giving you some suggestions to prevent it from rust

Put a thin layer of cooking oil after cooking. Take 3-4 tablespoons of oil and spread it on the surface and then wipe down with a paper towel

Store griddle at a dry place. If there is humidity at the place where you store the griddle, then it will cause rust. Store in a ventilated room to keep it dry

You can buy cover made by Blackstone company cover made with dual-layer fabric will prevent the griddle from water

How do you clean a burnt griddle?

Take hot water and pour it on the surface and then take the sponge, dip it into dishwashing liquid and rub the burning surface of the griddle.try to remove the pieces of burnt food then dry the griddle with a paper towel use the more hot water and soapy liquid to clean the griddle.


The griddle is the most necessary appliance that is used regularly. You need to take care of the griddle properly so that it can work efficiently. If you do not follow the proper cleaning procedures, then the griddle’s material will cause rust and damage. If you protect the grill from rust, then griddle can be used for many years.


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